Yahoo Mail to Office 365 – How to Migrate Emails from Yahoo mail to Office 365 Account

Undoubtedly Yahoo is one of the most used email service provider in the world, but Office 365 provides lots of more services than Yahoo. but main problem that comes for any business during migration of email service provider is migrating emails. In this article we learn how can You migrate from Yahoo mail to office 365 account.

Manually it is very difficult to Migrate all your emails from Yahoo mail to office 365, so to Transfer Yahoo emails to office 365 we use third party Software i.e, Advik Yahoo Backup. This Software is also useful if you want to take  backup of your Yahoo mail account in various formats and also to Transfer Yahoo mails to Office 365, Zimbra, Thunderbird etc.

How to transfer Yahoo mails to office 365.

  • Step 1. Download Advik Yahoo BackupYahoo to office 365.
  • Step 2. Launch the Tool and enter your Yahoo Login and click on Next. 
  • Step 3. Select Folder that you want to transfer to office 365 and Hit Next button.
  • Step 4.  Select Office 365 from Select Saving Option.
  • Step 5 Enter your Office 365 Login credentials.and hit on Convert button.Yahoo to office 365

That’s it this tool will then Transfer Yahoo mail account to Office 365 Account.

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