Yahoo Mail Archive All Emails: Best Ways of 2021

Do you know the significance of the Archive option in Yahoo mail? Archiving Emails preserves the email in the searchable form to the Yahoo Mail users.  In Yahoo mail, archiving emails is a simple task and it is easily executable.

You just have to do the following steps to archive emails in Yahoo Mail server.

  • Login to Yahoo mail and access the emails.
  • Click on the Archive option select required emails one by one.

This will send the emails to the archive folder on Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo mail Archive All Emails

In case of archiving all emails in yahoo mail account, you need to select all the emails of the folder using the select all option and hit the archive option. This will move all emails in yahoo mail to an Archive Mail folder.

This is all about the archiving process in yahoo mail server. Now, we are going to talk about Yahoo mail archiving all emails to local hard drive or computer system.

This process can be a bit lengthy, but I believe, you will have all your data archived safely on the local system efficiently. When we say archiving emails locally, first we have to move a copy of emails to a safe place and then delete the same from the yahoo mail account. One relevant case that struck us by the day is described below.

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Query: Why to Archive All Yahoo Emails

“I have been using the Yahoo mail for very long. The last Friday, there was an alert shown that my storage space is filling fast. I know, it a large amount of data stored in my account, but can’t delete any of them as I want them all. It’s important to my business. I also configured my Yahoo mail in Outlook, thinking this will help me out. There are a number of email folders having emails respective to a client and business. 

I started with a fair success rate but felt failed with some days went and the storage limit still in the critical stage. What could be a solution to this? Did I do anything incorrect? Or I missed an efficient part incomplete? Please guide with an assured procedure.”

As an answer to this, what you prefer to do. Since the user had many email folders with emails in each this way of archiving will take a longer time. It is said because Yahoo mail holds the largest storage space for a free email client, i.e., 1 TB storage space.

Can you assume the number of emails the user will be having in such a situation and what time will it take to archive all emails in Yahoo mail to the computer or local system. It’s a large time. Believe it is. Now, what will we do if we get up to such a situation?

Do you go after the email configuration on an email client and then manually deleting the emails throughout making space on the Yahoo mail? You can go after this if you have no other better options available.

Before you start with the email configuration process, try an efficient process below to download Yahoo mail and archive it on the computer system.

Steps to Archive All Yahoo Emails to Hard Drive

Step 1: Download and Run SysTools Yahoo Archive Tool and log in with the Yahoo mail account.

Step 2: Select an email format to archive Yahoo emails to the hard drive.

Step 3: Browse a destination to save the Yahoo mail and enable Delete after download option.

Step 4: Click on the Start button to archive all emails from Yahoo mail.

The application needs to be installed on the local computer and with the above process; you will easily save all your data locally. Also, the account storage is freed as the data downloaded to the computer will be removed from the Yahoo mail account.

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