Open And View VCF File with vCard Viewer Pro Software


Many users face problems while migrating their VCF / vCard file. In the today’s world, people always keep on changing from device to another mobile device and they keep on changing their data including their contact book to migrate from one mobile device to another. So, every now and then they face problem while importing/migrating their vCard contact file. But do not worry, SysTools vCard Viewer Pro Software helps you to view VCF file on your particular device.

Why Only SysTools vCard Viewer Pro

SysTools VCF Viewer Pro Software has some incredible features which is not provided by other tools of its arena. This utility can open and view single as well as multiple VCF file stored in a single file. The vCard Viewer Pro Tool has the functionality to convert VCF file to PST and CSV file formats. It also provides the feature to merge and split vCard / VCF contact file.

Important Features of  vCard Viewer Pro

  1. Discloses vCard Contacts & Images: The SysTools vCard Viewer Pro Software will open, preview & read VCF file. All associated attributes of the email message i.e. name, surname, address, email ids, etc. can be viewed using this tool. The tool also displays contact images.
  2. Supports Single and Multiple VCF File: The SysTools VCF Viewer Tool supports to open single as well as multiple contact vCard file. The VCF Opener Software also opens multiple vCard files saved in a single VCF file.
  3. Option to Preview: The Systools vCard Viewer Software provides the option to preview all the resumed vCard / VCF file before saving it to your local machine.
  4. Open All Contact Details: The Systools VCF Viewer Pro Tool comes with a functionality to view all the associated details of a particular contact. The details like Name, Address, Phone Number, Personal Email ID, Professional Email Address, Company Name, Company Address, etc.
  5. Functionality to Sort Contact List: The vCard / VCF  Viewer Pro Software comes with a feature to sort the contact according to alphabetical order within the contact list. The tool also provides the functionality to easily sort the VCF contact file based on their date and size also.
  6. 2 Option to Add vCard File: The Systools vCard Viewer Utility has 2 option to add the vCard file to the tool.  Users can choose Add File to add a single file or they can go to an Add Folder if they multiple VCF file stored in a single folder.
  7. Workable on all vCard Platforms: TheVCF Viewer Pro helps in viewing vCard contact files and opens VCF / vCard file on every platform where vCard / VCF is created or supported i.e. Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail, etc. The Systools vCard Viewer Tool does not require any independent platform to view VCF Files.

Additional Feature

  • Convert vCard file to PST, CSV: The VCF Viewer Software also provides the functionality to convert VCF file to PST and CSV file format.
  • Merge VCF File: The Systools VCF Viewer Pro Tool also merges multiple vCard File into single VCF File.
  • Split VCF File: The Systools vCard Viewer Pro Software splits single VCF file into multiple vCard contact file.

Specifications of SysTools VCF Viewer Pro

Developer:-                                                 SysToolsGroup

Size:-                                                            17.9 MB

Functions:-                                                  Open and View VCF File

Latest Version:-                                          3.0

Interface:–                                                  Graphical User Interface

Compatible Windows Versions:-             Windows 10 & Below

Two Versions of SysTools vCard Viewer Pro

Trial/Free Version

The Trial Edition of the SysTools VCF Viewer Pro Tool provides the functionality to open and view vCard file free of cost. The software can be downloaded on the local machine and then it can run smoothly on your computer.

Licensed /Full Edition

The Full version of the tool provides the complete features of the SysTools VCF Viewer Pro Software. Users can save their contact file on the local hard disk. The licensed version has the feature to convert the vCard file to PST and CSV file format. It also provides the functionality to merge and split VCF file.


  • Allow open, read and preview of vCard file data
  • Converts VCF file to PST and CSV
  • Merges vCard file
  • Split VCF contact file
  • No need for any platform to open and view vCard file


  • Supports only on Windows Operating System
  • Demo version does not have the functionality of split and merges VCF file
  • Trial edition does not convert VCF file to PST and CSV.

Observational Verdict

Afer testing the each and every feature of SysTools vCard Viewer Pro Tool, we are rating this product 9.8 out of 10. The product is just awesome in its own kind but .2 deduction is just because the demo version does not provide all the features. It is an incredible product and we are highly recommending to use it whenever you feel problem to open VCF / vCard file.

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