vCard Import Request Was Rejected : Error Resolved Manually

vCard is a standard format for storing visiting cards digitally. As the contacts are saved digitally, there are many reasons that can corrupt a VCF file. When a vCard file is corrupted, many errors can arise. One of them outlook error “vCard Import Request Was Rejected”. There can be many causes of this error. But when a user faces it, it is very hard for him to remove this error.Let’s understand the problem better from a user query:“I have around 1000vCard files which I want to import to my Outlook account so that I can access them directly from my PC. But as I was to open VCF file, I got an error “vCard Import Request Was Rejected”. I don’t know how to get rid of this error. Can anyone please suggest me a suitable way to do that?” 

error in vcard parser

The above query is very much clear about the complexity of the problem. Now, take a look at the need to bulk import vCard to Outlook files.

Import vCard to Fix vCard Import Request Was Rejected Issue

As we know MS Outlook is a desktop-based email client. All the data are stored on the local drive of the personnel system. So, it is easy to store all the contact data in your PC, as all the data will be saved on the hard drive of your PC. Data information can be restored anytime if it lost. There are fewer chances of mismatch of data.

Import VCF file to Microsoft Outlook

There are two ways to transfer the vCard file to fix error vCardImport Request Was Rejected

Procedure to Import Single vCard

  1. First, Open MS Outlook profile
  2. Select File>>Import and Export option, the Import/Export Wizard displays
  3. Now, select Import a VCARDFile (.vcf), then click on Next
  4. Locate and select the location of VCF and click on Open
  5. Lastly, click on the contacts available in left navigation wizard.Now, you can see your new VCF file.

Import Multiple VCF Files in Outlook To fix error vCard Import Request Was Rejected while importing multiple contact files, proceed with the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Open the contacts in the MS Outlook Window
  2. Then, find the location of vCard. When you move various VCF files with the help of IMail Web Client saves vCard in the zipped folder.
  3. Open the folder and choose required VCF files to import.
  4. Now, drag & drop the vCard into the MS Outlook Contacts page.
  5. In the final step, you can use and see the VCF files.

Limitations of the Manual Solution

There are many drawbacks of the manual solution. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The manual method is very lengthy
  • Chances of data loss and information mismatch
  • No guarantee of complete information to be imported

Alternative Solution to Solve vCard Import Request Was Rejected Issue

As there are many limitations to the manual method, you can always opt for an automated solution. The users can use SysTools vCard Importer Tool to directly import VCF files to Outlook. The software has all the advanced features and can import multiple vCard files at once.


As we have discussed using an automated tool is an ultimate solution to fix the error “vCard Import Request Was Rejected”. The tool has many advanced functionalities that are not present in other tools of its category. It is highly recommended to use this third party tool to import vCard to Outlook flawlessly.

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