User Profile Cannot be Loaded- Recreate/ Reset User Profile in Windows 7

When signing on to Windows 7 users come across message User Profile Service failed on logon – User profile cannot be loaded. The error prevents the user from signing in. So the only way to fix the corrupted user profile is to Recreate/ Reset User Profile in Windows 7. The error is generally encountered because of virus attacks, power failure or failed updates.

Fixing of the corrupted user profile in Windows 7 depends whether your system is on the domain or it is in a workgroup. The settings then depend on the configuration in Windows 7, so proper attention should be taken while creating the new user profile in windows 7. Check out the cause of corrupt user profile in Windows 7 and how they can be fixed

Causes of Corrupted User Profile in Windows 7

Common issues that cause the problem in corrupted user profile are

  • If the system is set to automatic updates and if the updates failed then it affects the user profile
  • While the critical system files were installing and power fault occurs it corrupts the user file
  • Disk write errors may remove the important files
  • Virus and suspicious malware is also one of the reasons for corrupted user profile

How to Fix User Profile in Windows 7

If the only user is corrupt user profile, then login as Administrator and if you do not see any Administrator then set it from the command prompt

  • First Restart your computer
  • Now continuously press F8 until the windows logo appear
  • Select the safe mode option or open via Safe Mode with Command Prompt
  • If computer opens in safe mode and you are able to log in then go to start
  • From start menu open the command prompt window
  • The CMD window will open now type the command
  • Enter the command as net user administrator / active: yes
  • Hit the enter button
  • Now Restart your computer and check whether you are able to login now or not

Reset and Create New User Profile in Windows 7

  • Now restart your system and check if the error appears, if yes then log in with the Administrator account
  • Go to Control Panel and then click on User Accounts
  • Follow the steps Account and Family Safety and then User Accounts
  • Now click on the option ‘Manage Another Account’
  • A new window will open, click on create a new account and enter account details
  • Enter the name, choose account type (Standard or Administrator) and click on create account

Copy Files from OLD_USERNAME to NEW_USER

  • Once the Account is created, click on My computer
  • Click on Tools then Folder Options and go to view tab
  • Checkmark Show hidden files and folders options
  • Uncheck the option Hide protected operating system files click Apply and then OK
  • Go to the location where windows is installed and open OLD_USERNAME folder
  • Select all the files from OLD_USERNAME folder except from,, Ntuser.ini
  • Copy the files selected from OLD_USERNAME to NEW_USERNAME folder in windows 7 installed folder
  • Paste all the files to NEW_USERNAME except,, Ntuser.ini
  • Save the changes made and restart your system
  • Now login with your new username and check if all the files are stored

Another method is to create username by Registry Editor or download Fix it 50446 for windows 7 to fix corrupted User Profile in windows 7.

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