How To Use Snapchat’s Virtual Reality Lenses

One of the most popular app Snapchat featured many cool features. One of them is Virtual reality lenses. This feature enables the user to make up all those cartoons modifications to snaps. As some of you may have faced some issues while using this feature. To help the user know about the total usage of snaps could be learn quickly after reading this article.

The method is very straightforward and very easy ,you need to just proceed with below discussed steps.

Step 1. First of all ,Open Snapchat and load front facing camera . The front facing camera has to be loaded because the most of the lenses worked with the face image. Tap on the face on your screen so that the app detect your face.

Step 2. After detection of face ,the app will automatically shows whole number of lenses avaibale that could be applied to that image.

Snapchat face detection error solved

How to use VRL of Snapchat

Step 3. Swipe on the circle icon to see more lens and you can apply it according to your wish.

Step 4. You may find some of lenses required 2 person in the image and for those particular lenses, the effect wont be generated accurately on a single face. Many lenses also add sound effects to make it quite cooler.

Snapchat lenses error solved

Virtual reality lenses Of Snapchat

Well this was all about the method by which anyone could use Snapchat virtual reality lenses feature. This method is not complied with too many advance procedures,but there is only need for some simple steps  to configure Virtual Reality Lenses.

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