USB Device Not Recognized Error In Windows – Solved

While working on your PC or laptop you notice an error USB Device Not Recognized. This error is mainly driver error, but it may become difficult for you to recognize which driver error is this. So here in this article we will discuss some methods to recognize the error and fix you problem.

How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized Error In Windows

Below are few Methods to fix this error. You can fix your problem using these methods.

Method 1 : Insert your USB device in other USB port.

Sometimes USB port miisbehaves or gives error to load drivers. So you can try to insert your USB in another USB port it may work most of the time.

Method 2 : Using Troubleshooter

Troubleshooter is the best way to short out any kind of Hardware problems.

a.) You just need to ‘TroubleShooting’ in the start menu.

b.) And then under ‘Hardware and sound

c.) Select the option ‘Configure a device’ and

d.) Follow on screen instruction to sort out any problem regarding USB device or other hardware.

Method 3 : Uninstalling A Driver and Reinstalling It

a.) Open RUN (Windows key + R) and then type “devmgmt.msc” and hit OK.


b.) Double click on Universal Serial Bus controllers t o expand it.

c.) Insert Your USB pen drive in it and all the driver list will get refreshed.

d.) You will see error sign on the Serial Bus Controller which is creating this error. Simply right click on it and then uninstall it and after that reinstall it

Method 4 : Update Device Driver

Sometimes, updating the device driver fix the issue. So let’s know how to update device driver.

a.) Open RUN (Windows Key+ R) and then type “devmgmt.msc” there and click OK.


b.) Expand universal serial bus controllers and you can see the unrecognized devices as “Unknown devices”

Universal Bus Controller

c.)  Right click on unknown device and

d.) Select the option of Update driver.


It will work for sure if you needed an necessary update of your driver and will fix your issue.

Method 5 : Disable The Fast Startup Option

If you are having a laptop and you are facing an issue regarding USB devices then you need to disable the Fast Startup option. Follow this step to do so:

a.) Open the Power option and then select ‘Change what the power buttons do’

b.) Click on “Change settings that are currently unavailable.”

c.) Navigate to the Shutdown settings and then uncheck the option “Turn on Fast Startup”

d.) Click on Save changes and restart the computer. It will probably solve the problem

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