Top 5 Best Email Forensics Tool List of 2023

There was a time when forensic investigators took months and week to crack investigations. Due to a lack of equipment and tools, the time consumption was quite high as compared to today’s generation. The technology was not so improved to analyze and archive emails for legal presentations. Compared to that time, users are looking for the best Email Forensic tool, but then there was none. However, in the current world, technology has improved rapidly day by day so as forensic tools.

People are storing and managing their personal as well as professional information in Cloud i.e. on Web. So, they can access their data anytime and from anywhere. While Forensic Experts are the one who doesn’t care where the data is stored at if they are working on e-Discovery activities they can tear all the rules of Cloud and yes it’s Legal for them. What makes them so confident to do so? The answer is; the Authority and Forensic Email Tools. There are plenty to Email Detective and Forensic Email Analysis tools available for them to make their research easier.

You might be looking for the best Email Forensic Tool. Am I right? So, today we will be discussing what are the perfect Forentisc Software Tool is available for Email Search, Analysis and Archive activities.

Best Email Forensics Tool to Research and Analyse

#1. Xtraxtor

best email forensics tool

#2. Systools MailPro+

best email forensics tools

#3. Advik Email Backup Tool

best email forensic tool

#4. Email Forensic Wizard

best email investigation software

#5. Aid4Mail Email Forensic Software

email detective software

These are the list of top best Email Forensic tool which you might need if you are an e-Discovery agent. The above software is used for multiple uses such as email detective, email header forensic tool, email search application, download mailbox archives instantly, etc.

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