Top 10 Use Of OTG Cable That You Should Know

USB OTG or USB On The Go is one of the most important invention that can be used in many ways. Its normally used to extend functionality. You can easily transfer data from the smartphone to Pen Drive and vice versa.

However have you ever think of limitation of use OTG cable? So today we are going to show how can you make most of it from OTG Cables.

#1 Connect a Portable Hard Drive

OTG cables use

Connect Portable Hard drive

You can easily access the external storage device easily. You can even transfer the files from your smartphone to external hard disk.

#2. Connect and Play 

Top 10 usb otg cable tricks

Connect and play

You can connect your Game controller to OTG cable and play most of the games as they are supporting gamepad.

#3. You can Charge One Android to Another

Top 10 uses of otg cable

Charge one android to another

This technique is very useful to any Android user. As one OTG host charge another smartphone using OTG cable in case your smartphone battery drainage.

#4. Connecting LAN Cable


Top 10 OTG cable uses

Connecting Lan Cable

If you want to connect your broadband internet to your smartphone. You just need to buy one LAN cable and connect with your modem and to your OTG cable which is connected to your smartphone.

#5. Connect Keyboard and Mouse

Top 10 uses of otg cables that you should know

Top 10 Uses of OTG cables

If your typing speed is better on your keyboard compared to your smartphone keyboard. You can connect External Keyboard and Mouse to your smartphone using OTG cable.

#6. Connect a Camera

Top 10 uses of otg cables that you should know

Top 10 uses of OTG cables

If you love photography then you ll need to connect your camera to your smartphone . And if you don’t know how to clear pictures or save into your android device then you connect them using OTG cables.

#7. Create Music on Android

Top 10 uses of otg cables that you should know

Top 10 use of OTG cables

Almost every modern musical instrument can connect with PC and Laptop to edit or save music recording. But using OTG cable You can record and save the music in your Android too.

#8. Connect a USB Fan

OTG cable uses

Top 10 uses of OTG cables

You might have seen Laptop cooling pads are usually connected with USB Port. So same like that you can connect portable USB Fans to your android using OTG cable.

#9. You can also Print using OTG cable

How to use OTG cables

Top 10 uses of OTG cable

You can use this feature by installing PrintShare to your android. It will automatically install the drivers . Just connect your printer with your Android device using OTG cable to print document directly.

#10. Share Messages and Contacts between two phones

OTG cables uses in modern world

Top 10 uses of OTG cables

You can transfer messeges ,call logs and contacts and much more between two Android devices with the help of OTG cable using Samsung’s SmartSwitch .

Hope this article is useful for you . We have tried all these features and it works great. If you have any query related to this article kindly comment below.


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