Top 10 Best Private Search Engine Which Do Not Track

Today We had come up with the best Private Search Engine that does not track your activities and location.

You know whenever you browse any website on the internet , Your IP and Mac Address get tracked and someone can easily track your activities. So today we got a solution for this issue. We have listed top 10 private search engines that do not track your IP or Mac address. Check them out below.

10 Best Private Search Engine That Do Not Track

1 . PrivateLee

best Private Search Engine that does not track


The most private and secure (https available) search engine. Privatelee returns the best results from the top search engines and never track your IP address or any of your browsing activity.

2. Yippy

best Private Search Engine that does not track


This is also a must try tool. You can filter the results in any form . Its completely a user based search engine and never tracked any keyword.

3. StartPage

best Private Search Engine


This search engine provides browsing through a proxy server which helps in eliminating the IP address.

4. HulBee

best Private Search Engine


Hulbee is for those users who have attached to great importance to protection of data. Users’ IP addresses, Topics, and keywords are not stored in any server.

5. Lukol

Private search engine


If you want to retain the same google search results. This is the best search engine for your browsing experience. It is an anonymous search engine that protects your privacy.

6. WolframAlpha

Best private search engine


This is the best search engine that is best known for the safety of security and privacy.

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7. DuckDuckGo

Best private search engine


A must try tool for browsing. Duckduck go doest save and share personal information of the user. They are not storing any data of user as it is against of their privacy policy.

8. Gibiru

Best Private search engine


Gibiru is the faster then NSA search engine because it doesn’t install any plugin or any extension plus is doesn’t store cookies to your computer.

9. Disconnect Search

Best private search engine of 2017

Disconnect Search

This website uses Yahoo, Bingo and Google for search assistance. It doesn’t track your IP address, in fact, it let you choose the location while browsing.

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10 GigaBlast

Private search engine which do not track ip address



It is considered one of the best private search engines as it doesn’t store any information and keep you entirely safe from hackers and spammers.

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