Top 10 Cool Internet Tricks You Should Know

Almost everyone is using internet now a days. The technology has reached up to great level. The internet is a place where we can get details for everything. However you don’t know about some of the hidden tricks of internet. These tricks will increase your work experience with internet.

So today we are going to share some of the cool tricks of internet.

Top 10 Cool Internet Tricks

#1. Add .com to address bar

Pressing CTRL+Enter now adds .com to the website. So you don’t need to type .com now.

#2. Reopen Last Closed Tab

You can now open the last closed tab by pressing Ctr+Shift+T 

#3. Open new Tab in same window

By pressing Ctrl+T will let you to open new tab in same window.

#4. Open Notepad in Browser

Copy and Paste the below code to open notepad in any internet browser


#5. Open in new Tab

User usually right click on the link or image and then select “open in new tab” . But you can hold down “CTRL and then click on the link” to open the link in new tab.

#6. Open an Incognito Browser

User can press Ctrl+Shift+N to open Incognito browser window. This shortcut will work in Chrome and Opera

#7. Convert scanned image into text

Simple visit Free OCR if you want to scan the text out of a image . This will help you to extract the text from any image to document.

#8. Identify which text is used in the image

If you want to find out which text font is used in any particular image then you can visit WhatThefont.

#9. Clear Cache

Press CTRL+SHIFT+R to clear cache of that particular image.

#10. Check whether the website is safe or not

Copy and paste the below code in address bar and this will show you the site is safe or not.

You can replace the site name at the end of the code.

Hope you have learnt something new today. If you have more cool tricks for internet comment below to add in this article.

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