SQL Server MDF File Access Denied – Best Solution As of 2023

Users often get various errors in their SQL Server & all of them have different solutions. One such problem is SQL Server MDF file access denied. Now if you’re facing this issue, then there is no need to worry as we are going to provide users with the best available solution.

Yes, this issue can be severe if users are unaware of the technicalities & do not have the necessary technical knowledge. This SQL MDF access denied problem can only be solved with the right tool & technique. For which having the right set of knowledge is the key.

Evidently, in this article, we are going to get in-depth knowledge of the entire operation. Moreover, we’re going to learn a couple of solutions that are available along with their pros & cons. If you want to solve this error, stick to this short & crisp article till the end to know all the important aspects in detail.

Solve SQL MDF Access Denied Using the Manual Method

There are a few manual solutions available for this task but we are going to mention the one which is most commonly required. Now before moving forward toward the solution, we need to know why this error occurs.

The major reason for this is not providing the required permissions to your MDF files. Other than this file corruption, hardware failure, etc are also the reasons. However, if the issue is arising due to not having adequate permission, follow the below-mentioned manual solution.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to provide your MDF files with adequate permissions.

  1. Navigate to the Location where you have your MDF files stored on your system.
  2. Now Right-click on the MDF File & then just Select the Properties option here.
  3. Provide necessary Permissions to the File for Logged-in User Security here.
  4. Now as the last step, just Click on the Ok button & that’s it.

Other Manual Solutions

  • Using SSMS With Admin Rights
  • Use Microsoft Visual Studio Method

Best Solution to Solve SQL Server MDF File Access Denied Error

Now apart from the manual solution, we have an automated solution that can easily counter all of the limitations present in the manual method. The automated solution is quite advance & users will not face any difficulties with it.

This solution requires the use of the Advanced SQL Database Viewer Tool which is specially developed for this very reason. With this tool, users can easily view their files without providing any permission to the files.

Install this utility on your system & then simply follow the steps with their respective images.

Step-1. First of all, Run the Software & Hit the Open button to add the MDF files.

step-1 SQL Server MDF file access denied

Step-2. Select Quick or Advanced Scan mode to simply scan the files in depth. 


Step-3. The software will scan your files now, just Wait for a few minutes.


Step-4. As the final step, Click on the Ok button to access your MDF files.


Automated Solution Features to Counter SQL MDF Access Denied Error

The reason we should opt for the modern approach over the manual one is because of the features it has. A few major features are mentioned in this section for users. These features are not present in the manual solution. Moreover, due to these features, this solution is quite different than others.

  • The modern tool simplifies the task of opening SQL Server tables, views, indexes, rules, functions, etc.
  • Users get the Quick or Advance Scan option for scanning the corrupted MDF Data files of the SQL Server.
  • Users can resolve SQL Server MDF file access denied error without installing the SQL server or any other utility.
  • This advanced software allows users to access their MDF files of any size. There is no size limitation on the MDF files.
  • It supports all the versions of SQL Server like 2000, 2005, 2008/2008 R2, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, & 2019 & the Windows Operating system.

Bringing It All Together

In order to get the best ever results, users are requested to avoid manual solutions. Manual methods can only be considered as a last option. This is because manual solutions are not safe as well as complex ones. New users can’t execute the procedure on the manual solutions.

To get rid of the SQL Server MDF file access denied, the above-mentioned automted solution is the best choice for users. Having so many features & being an open source solution makes it an ideal solution for all users.

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