How to Split and Merge Outlook PST Files – Quick 5 Step Solution

Summary: In this blog we are going to introduce a quick way by which users can easily split and merge Outlook PST files. So read on to get the right solution for smoothly managing Outlook data files.

The PST file is used in Microsoft Outlook, the world’s best desktop-based email client application. PST contains all Outlook data items, including email messages, calendar entries, contacts, notes and much more. Over time, the size of these files increases, and as these files increase, Outlook performance decreases. In previous versions of Outlook, the size of the .pst file is limited to 2 GB and 20 GB. However, in the latest version of Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, the size is set to 50 GB.

In these situations, users are switching from an older version to a newer version of Outlook to get new advanced features. To do this, they have to move all of their PST data files to the new Outlook version. But how is it possible with multiple PST files and large PST files? That’s the big question. The only answer to the question is to break and merge PST files.

In the next section you will find the best solution to split and merge Outlook PST files for smooth data management.

Solution to Break and Combine Multiple PST Files into One

In order to manage Outlook data file and maintains the performance, it is a good option to divide large size PST and merge multiple PST files into one. There is no direct and successful solution to complete this task. But you don’t have to worry at all. Here you will find the SysTools¬†PST Merge Software recommended by experts. This is the only software that allows you to break and join PST files at the same time. You don’t have to work with two different tools. This utility works with both ANSI and UNICODE PST without any size limitations.

Now let’s go to the steps. First, you need to download Outlook data merge software and then go through the following stages.

Steps to Split and Merge Outlook PST Files Instantly

Step 1. Install and run the PST Merge software.

Step 2. Add PST files which you want to merge and divide.

Step 3. Choose Join or Merge PST option and click Next.

Step 4. Merge in new / existing PST or Outlook Profile.

Step 5. Check the Split PST file size box and enter required size. Click Next.

Now, the PST files are spitted and merged into a single file. You can view the data in the Outlook.

Advanced Features PST File Merge Utility

The utility offers additional features that allows you to divide and combine multiple PST files into one. Here is the list of some highlighted functions:

  • The software has advanced options to merge Outlook PST files into existing/new PST or Outlook profile.
  • Merge or Join PST files with all items such as emails, contacts, calendars, journals, notes and tasks.
  • Option to divide large sized PST files into smaller size while merging Outlook PST files into a single one.
  • Tool maintains the folder hierarchy of data files throughout the process and delivers 100% accurate results.
  • Break and merge multiple PST files of Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and other below versions.
  • Supports both ANSI and UNICODE PST file for merging and dividing without losing a single information.
  • The software offers the great option to remove duplicates from Outlook contacts, emails, calendars, etc.
  • Provides support to break and merge password-protected PST files without entering the password.
  • Combine multiple PST files into one with no file size limitations, virus attack, ads, and data loss problems.

The Final Words

In order to avoid corruption, it is important to manage Outlook data files at the best level. Due to multiple PST files and large PST files, Outlook users face many problems like data corruption, data deletion, unable to access PST file, and more. To get rid of these problem, it is necessary to split and merge Outlook PST files. Therefore, in this post, we discussed the best PST Merge tool that allows you to divide large data files and join PST files together into one at the same time. With this tool a demo version is also available, with which you understand how it works.

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