Smartphones with Self Healing Screen Will Come To Reality Soon

The smartphones which we are using right now will not be the same in future for sure. As the technology is getting better and better . So as our demand and taste. So now a days manufacturing companies are working in flexible screens. We all know screens of smartphone of upcoming mobiles are transparent silver. This will allow manufacturing devices with more resistance screens.

Self healing screens

Scratch mobiles Vs Self Healing Screens

Scientist at University of California are working on a new revolution of mobile screens of all types of devices. They are working on some material which automatically heal the scratches .

Self Healing Material

The material they are using is Ionic salt and plastic polymer that are capable of stretching Upto 50 times of its original size.

The test carried out by Scientists have been success. In less then 24 hours of getting scratch. The material is able to heal/repair by itself. The molecules present are reattached by eliminating any sign of damage.

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The self healing technique in not new, Actually LG had already this technique in their LG G Flex. which posses a material to heal itself. But the main difference is that the material was used for back side not for front.

Self healing technique

Self Healing

Scientists have announced that people will see the first Smartphone build with this material in 2020. Till then its up top manufacturer to use this kind of material in their smartphones.

So what you thing about this technology ? Will we have smartphones of self healing screens by 2020?

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