How To Shut Down The Computer Automatically At a Specific Time

Windows is the most conventional and mostly used operating system all over the globe. There are tons of applications and features available on this operating system.

So Today we are going to show you another nice and 100% working tutorial for Shutting Your PC down automatically at a specific time. Check out the steps below .

Step 1.  Open Notepad from start menu and copy this code and paste it into notepad

code : shutdown -s -t 60

Steps to shut down pc automatically

Shutdown automatically

Step 2. In above code 60 represents the seconds after which the PC will shut down, you can change it according to your wish. If you want to shut down after 2 hours then you have to write shutdown -s -t 7200 

How to shut down pc automatically

Shut Down PC automatically

Step 3. Now save this file as Techbizyshutdown.bat Or you can give any file name but .bat is must.

Shut down pc automatically

ShutDown PC atutomatically

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Step 4. Now you will see a batch file on the saved file location. Now open that file. You PC will get shut down at a specific time.

Turn off the pc automatically

Shutdown PC automatically

That’s it . You are done now.If you have any query related to this topic Feel free to comment bellow.



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