How To Take and Share Screenshot of Window in 4 Easy Steps

Now its very easy to take a screenshot of any screen of your PC/Laptop using only one click. There are several time while working on computer that you want to take the screenshot of the data or want to share that screen quickly as possible to someone.

Just Follow these Simple steps :

Step 1. Open the window You want to take the screenshot and Press PrtSc button from keyboard .

How to take screenshot of your window screen

PrtSc Button for Taking Screenshot

Step 2. Open Paint and press Ctrl+V . It will copy that screen.Now save the file.

HOw to take and share the screen of window

Take and Share the Screen of Window

Step 3. Open Internet Browser and visit “Lightshot“.

Take and share the screen of window

Using Lightshot

Step 4. Upload the file . After that you will get a URL of that file.

How to take screenshot and share

Lightshot Share Screenshot

That’s it ! Now share that URL to whom you want to share that screen.

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