How To Set Android Like Pattern Lock on Windows

In today’s world there are billions of users of Android. Because Android provide millions of apps and features. One of the most famous feature of Android is Pattern Lock which helps in defending the security of your mobile. So have you ever wonder to try this feature on your Windows? I guess you may not heard of it or you may think this isn’t possible. Buy Yes Its Possible.

Today you will learn how to add pattern lock on your windows login screen. So below is the simple method to add pattern lock in Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1 PC.

Steps to Add Pattern Lock on Windows

Step 1. First Of all You’ll need to Download Maze Lock for windows. Install it and Launch the Application shown below.

Set Pattern lock on windows

Set Patter Lock on PC

Step 2. Here Z is the default pattern so make a Z pattern to move to next step.

How to set pattern lock on PC

Set Pattern Lock on PC

Step 3. Now in this Step Make any pattern you would like to save and it will ask you to remember the password and then make a backup of your pattern that you should do.

How to set android like pattern on windows

Set Pattern lock on windows

Step 4. Now click on General Tab and there you will found the first option Auto lock at windows startup . There are few other options available too. So set them according to your wish.

How to set pattern lock on windows

Set Pattern lock on your PC

Step 5. In case you want to quick lock your screen with pattern lock then you need to head over to your notification area in your taskbar and click on Maze Lock to your computer.

Hwo to set pattern lock on your scrren

Set Pattern lock on PC

That’s it. Now your PC is protected with Pattern Lock .

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