How To Remove Edit Protection From PDF Files?

Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) has invented the paper to the digital revolution. This file format used to present and exchange files and documents efficiently. A PDF file can contain buttons, links, form fields, audio, video, and business logic. It also provides password-protection which is center of attraction. A password protected file cannot be modified or edit, therefore, many users wonder how to remove edit protection from PDF file. On the daily basis if you are working for a large number of documents which are password restricted then it may create a jumble.

PDF is a secure file format and an encrypted PDF cannot modify without its encryption code.  This is because the owner has implemented some restriction that disables you to access that file. But in case if owner forgets the password or file has some restrictions due to which you won’t able to extract data from a locked PDF file. In this situation, to maintain the continuity of work is required to remove edit security from PDF file. Here we have provided various solutions i.e. Manual as well as automated tool i.e. PDF Restriction Remover. But, before that let’s know about two types of password security in portable document format (PDF) file. One is owner password and another is user password.

Owner Level PasswordUser Level PasswordIt is known as permission passwordIt is known as an open document passwordCopy, edit, print, or extract restrictions can be implementedIt prevents from viewing or opening the PDF fileUsing a permission password, users can restrict printing, copying, and editing in the PDF file.It secures the portable document format (PDF) file from prying eyes.

One can secure a PDF file with both types of passwords. If permission password is applied then a user is unable to perform modifications and other operations in the PDF document. Therefore, one should know how to remove edit protection from PDF documents. While exploring on the internet I found many users queries where users are searching an answer to the question how to edit protected PDF file. To understand the pain point of let’s take an overview of user’s query.

Why Users Want’s to Edit Secured PDF Files?

“I have several PDF documents and those documents contain confidential data of my organization. As my organization is conscious of data security, these files have some restrictions. So, that a third person cannot edit it. But now I am stuck in a trouble I want to edit those PDF files but they have restrictions. If anyone knows how to remove edit protection from PDF documents in batch then please help me out asap. Thanks in advance.”“I have around three hundred PDF file for editing work in the content. Those files are restricted by owner level security so that an unauthorized person could not edit or modify the page. I am looking for a solution to remove edit security from PDF file. I want to know how to remove editing security in PDF? Is there any convenient way for this issue then please tell me the approach.”

These are highlighted user queries which are related to PDF restriction. To remove edit restrictions from PDF one can unlock it by performing the manual method. The upcoming section will explain how to edit protected PDF documents.

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Remove Edit Protection From PDF Documents Manually

To remove edit security from PDF file, there are several ways through which user can unlock it modify it as per the requirement.

Method 1: Circumvent PDF Editing Security via Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome2. Locate the locked PDF file, now drag and drop it into an existing/new tab in Chrome3. On the browser type document open password4. Now, navigate to Submit button and Click on Print icon.5. Click on Change button and choose the option ‘Save as PDF’6. Click the Save button for saving the documents to the desired location.Now, you edit the document as this process will remove edit security from PDF file.

Method 2:  Edit Protected PDF Documents Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro has an inbuilt feature which is capable to remove all constraints from PDF file. To perform this method download the full version (paid version) of this application.

1. Open Adobe Acrobat Pro then the locked PDF file.2. Go to the secured padlock icon >> choose the option ‘Show security setting for this document’3. It will display four different options these are:a) No Securityb) Change Securityc) Certificate Securityd) Adobe Policy Server4. Click on “No Security” to remove edit protection from PDF file.5. A pop-up message will generate click on OK6. Now, save the file to the desired location and edit it as per your requirement.

How To Remove Edit Protection From PDF Files Efficiently

The above section has explained two manual methods to edit security from PDF documents. Sometimes manual methods fail to give output as per the requirement. If you have a large number of documents then you have to perform one by one for each file, which is time-consuming. Therefore, one should opt a safe and secure approach which can efficiently remove edit protection from PDF files such as PDF Unlocker software. The application is capable to remove all the constraints and password from a locked PDF. It designed in an efficient manner so that user can rely on it.


PDF documents are common for every business whether it is related to a technical or non-technical organization. It has the ability to lock printing, editing and copying it means password required to modify the page. Sometimes unexpected incident occurs, and if you forgot the password it is not possible to modify the data. Therefore, to avoid such situations one should know how to remove edit protection from PDF documents. The article has explained multiple solutions to this problem. As per my experience, you should opt the above-mentioned software because it is guaranteed solution to remove edit security from PDF files in the safe and secure way.

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