How to Recover Deleted Files From Dell Laptop? – 2023 Solution!

“This side is Bob Denver working as an HR. Last night I was working on my system and suddenly my PC got shut down due to power failure. I was terrified as my system was quite outdated and I was worried about the data stored on my PC. Few hours later, when I turned my PC on I was shocked to see that one of the partitions, Drive D, got corrupted and was unable to read. Can anyone guide me to recover data from a hard disk in a Dell laptop that has been corrupted due to power failure? Suggestions are welcome”

“Recently my Dell Laptop got a malware attack due to which my Drive D was locked and was unable to open it. This drive contains my personal family photos, videos, and other important documents, so I thought I needed to format the drive before it started affecting my entire Laptop or system. Now the issue is how do I retrieve my formatted data from Drive E. If it is possible then please help me with this issue?”

“How do I recover data from a hard disk which has been mistakenly deleted? I am using a Windows 10 machine with 6 GB of Ram. having an i5 intel processor.”

Data loss is a big problem these days or it can cause a major issue for those who have their important documents, images, videos and many more. But the question is how can we recover deleted files from dell laptop without affecting our entire system. Data loss means inability to access your files again. Even many IT professionals can’t guarantee you 100% recovery assurance so you need to be careful with your data. 

recover deleted files from dell laptop

What are the Reasons behind Data loss?

Despite several modern technologies, users lost their important data within seconds due to multiple human and technical errors. It can be classified as a physical and logical reason. Physical can be a failure of a computer component and logically related to a logical structure.

Some data loss is irreparable and requires IT professional’s help which is a costly and time consuming process. You can therefore reduce your data loss by understanding the following points:

Human Errors

Humans are made to make mistakes. We always learn from our mistakes, but we need to remind ourselves that these mistakes can take the form of big problems. We therefore need to be careful while handling a large amount of data, especially what is more important.

Technical glitch

Sometimes when our data is backed up and the files have already been deleted and in the backup process, backup software also fails to create a copy of files. In this confusion, our original files can be deleted.

Power Failure

Power outages are a common problem and our system shuts down without warning. As a result our files become corrupt due to improper shutdown of our system. Improper shutdowns can have a lasting impact and can cause several problems over and over again.

Accidental/Intentional Deletion of Data by Users

It’s common in the workplace that we are busy with our work and in this business we mistakenly delete our data in that frustration.

Laptop theft

While we are moving fast and reaching great heights with the use of this advanced technology, some people are choosing some shortcuts to achieve victory. By abusing the technology that some hackers simply stole and hacked their system to steal sensitive information of employees and organizations.

Ways to Recover Deleted files from Dell laptop

1. Windows backup (free solution)

If you are unable to find a file or folder that you accidentally deleted, Windows Backup is a good option for you to easily recover your files or you can try to recover them from a previous version. Previous versions are copies of files and folders that Windows automatically saves as part of recovery.

Steps to recover deleted files from Dell laptop:

  1. Start your laptop
  2. Start doing your work. save it and close any of your open stuff.
  3. Press Win + I to restart the application settings.
  4. Choose update and security.
  5. Select the recovery option on the left side of the window.
  6. Click on the go to the previous version.
  7. Answer the question why you go back by choosing an option.
  8. Click the “Next” button and you will be redirected to the previous version.

2. Look in the Recycle Bin

 Sometimes in our frustration of losing our data files we easily forget to make sure that our deleted files can go in the trash/Recycle Bin. In most of the cases files are hidden in the trash and it can be easily recovered but we search here and there and do not think of an option to see in the recycle bin. From where you can easily recover deleted files to the previous location.

3. Advik Data Recovery Wizard 

Advik Data Recovery Software is a great option for those who want to permanently recover their files from their desktop and external disk. This software is a single solution to several data recovery issues which is a nightmare for many users. It supports all types of file formats i.e; FAT and NEFT. and recovers all types of files including files, images, videos, music and many more. This software can recover any type of deleted or corrupt files that have been incorrectly deleted or corrupted due to any reasons. It is available for Windows platform.

Steps to recover permanently deleted files from Dell laptop are;

  1. Search and download the application of Advik data recovery software through their official website.
  2. Install it in your system.
  3. Run Advik software in your system.
  4. Select recovery types from option lists.i.e; deleted recovery, partition recovery, missing recovery.
  5. Select the drive for scanning from which your files are deleted.
  6. Then a preview of your deleted files pop up on your system.
  7. select the location of your recovered files and you will be able to save them.

Benefits of using Advik Data Recovery Software

  • Recovers permanently deleted files
  • Easily recover Images, Videos, Document files, etc.
  • User Friendly Interface for Non Technical Minded Users
  • Supports all file systems FAT and NEFT recovery.
  • Various types of Data Recovery Options Available
  • Recovers data within a computer.
  • Quick scan and Free Preview of Missing or Lost Files
  • Freely available for Trial


Data loss is recoverable through many free and paid methods , but one has to be careful while working. Even though we have many solutions to this big problem to recover deleted files from Dell laptop. We have analyzed that advik data recovery software works better in data recovery than any other free methods.

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