How To Record Videos Secretly in Android Mobile

In the current world of technology , One can use it in the way he/she want. Today we ll gonna talk about SPY recording method. This is quite cool ah? Recording videos without knowing others. You can use spy recording for video taping some suspicious activities without giving any hint to others.

Here’s the method to Record Video Secretly

Background Video Recorder

Background Video Recorder is the camera app with is available on Play Store for Free. Using this app you can record the video with turning of the shutter sound and you can also record video even after your screen goes off.

It has one key recording feature and it also support multiple languages.

Step 1. First of all download and install Background video recorder from Play Store or click here to Download Now

Spy videos using android

Background Video recording

Step 2. After installing the app and it will ask you to accept the terms and condition so click on “Accept”.

How to record videos without knowing others

Background Video Recording

Step 3. You have to open setting menu to setting up the App according to your need.

Spy camera tricks

How to record videos secretly

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Step 4.Now go to Notification Setting . Here you can set all other setting shown in the screenshot.

Spy camera tricks

How to record videos secretly

Step 5. Now move to Homepage and open the app and simply click on Allow when it ask you to record audio and video.

How to record videos secretly

Background video recorder

That’s it . You are done now. You can record videos without knowing other person as you can turn off the screen while recording.

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