How To Play Fidget Spinner In Google Search

You know google hides many of its features as Google is the most popular and best from all other search engines. Previously we have discussed that we can play many games via search result from google.

Now a days another thing is trending in almost every social media and that is Fidget Spinner.. Many people re getting mad for it , they keep on playing for hours and hours.

It seems the madness of fidget spinner hits the google. As a result google had introduced Fidget spinner game directly from search result.

You can play the fidget spinner game directly from search result.User just need to visit google homepage and just type Spinner. Then a virtual spinner will load.

Fidget Spinner at Google

Fidget Spinner at Google

The game is available on mobile as well as for desktop version. It works great in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge Browser.

Fidget Spinner Game by Google

Fidget Spinner Game by Google

So whats your opinion? Have you played it? Comment below.

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