Pirates Of Caribbean 5 Leaked On Torrent Sites

After the huge attack of ransomware , which is the most addressed issue with entrire world press. We have seen many movies are leaked online and cause trouble to the filmmakers as it affects the earning.

Now The attackers had stolen Disney’s most awaited movie Pirates Of Caribbean. 5: Dead Man Tells No Tales. The hackers threatened to leak the movies on the web if Disney didn’t pay the ransom in Bitcoins. The information about the “kidnapping” of the new movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Do not Tell History was given by Disney CEO Bob Iger himself.

The fifth movie in the ‘Pirates‘ franchise starring Johnny Depp, is officially scheduled to appear in theaters next week. Needless to say, a high-quality leak at this point will be seen as a disaster for Disney.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 Leaked On Torrent

Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 Leaked On Torrent

But it’s quite possible that the leaked movie might resurface again as some people might have downloaded it by now or the hacker group itself re-uploads it.

Makers are doing their best to preventing it from leaking to all over the internet or else they will definitely face huge loss.

Here’s the Movie Trailer

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