PDF Won’t Let Me Edit Text in Adobe Acrobat? Resolved

Summary: This blog will outline potential reasons due to which users cannot edit text in PDF document. Along with this, the blog will also explain the perfect solution to fix “PDF won’t let me edit text” query.

PDF which is the acronym for portable document format is a type of digital file. It allows people to send content to others which can be readable by other users regardless of what software they are using for viewing documents. However, editing PDF documents is not as easy as viewing. However, sometimes people may found that they are unable to edit text in PDF documents using Adobe Acrobat. Their various root causes behind it, but don’t worry we have covered it here. Let’s get started.

Reasons Why Users Cannot Edit PDF Document in Acrobat

Nowadays, many users searched on the internet “why PDF won’t let me edit text”. There can be two reasons behind it

If the file is having a document open password or user-level security it can be open only by adding the proper password. Without entering the password users cannot view its contents or perform any actions. Users must know this password if the file is having user-level security. Once the file gets opened people can edit the document by Adobe Acrobat.

On the other hand, if the file is having permission password or owner level security then it can be opened without a password, but will be having restrictions. As a result, users cannot edit text in PDF documents and can’t perform other actions. However, for editing such restricted PDF documents in Adobe Acrobat Pro users must know the permission password. As soon as the file security is removed user can easily edit the document.

How to Check File is Restricted for Editing?

If you are also facing a similar query i.e. “pdf won’t let me edit text” then first check whether the file is having restrictions or not. For that follow these simple steps:

  • Open the PDF document in Adobe Acrobat
  • Click on File Menu >> Properties
  • Click on the Security tab
  • View the Document Restrictions Summary
  • Check for “Changing the document” permissions (Allowed or Not Allowed)
  • If it is Not Allowed then the file is surely restricted for editing.

Best Method to Resolve “PDF Won’t Let Me Edit Text” Query

Now, for enabling editing permissions in the PDF document try result-oriented third-party utility named as SysTools PDF Unlocker Tool. Whatever be the size of the PDF file, the software efficiently processes it and remove restrictions.

Overall it is the best software to unlock secured pdf files to edit, print, copy, comment, sign, etc,. If the is having 128 / 256-bit encryption then it can be eliminated by the software efficiently. The tool supports all versions of Windows operating systems including the latest i.e. 10.

Follow These Steps If You Cannot Edit Text in PDF Document

  • Launch and run the software
  • Click the Browse button to add PDF
  • View the restrictions present in the document
  • Enter the destination location
  • Click on Unlock button to start

After this, you can go to the destination location, you will see that the resultant file is free from the restrictions. Now, for editing the PDF documents use Adobe Acrobat Pro.

How Edit PDF File with Adobe Acrobat Pro

With the above-described tool, users can fix “PDF won’t let me edit” query. Now, let us discuss the steps to be followed for editing the PDF document.

  • Open the PDF document in Adobe Acrobat.
  • Go to “File,” and click “Open.”
  • Select the PDF file you want to edit
  • As the file gets opened click on “Edit PDF”
  • For text editing, place your cursor on the text you want to edit.
  • Using the “Format” option and select “Format.”
  • For image editing, place the cursor on the image you want to edit.
  • Modify it by using the “Objects” option


This blog covers up the most frequently asked query on the internet i.e. PDF won’t let me to edit text. Here, we have covered up the different reasons due to which people cannot edit text in PDF files. One among them is editing restrictions. If the file is locked for editing then users won’t be able to perform editing. Therefore, for the resolution of such problems we have covered the best solution also i.e. SysTools PDF Unlocker.

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