Know How To Convert PST To EML File Format

“I am using Outlook for quite long time and I have gathered a huge collection of emails, contacts, notes, etc. in my Outlook profile. I want to transfer all these stuff to Windows Live Mail. I have tried every possible way which is known to me and even simple drag and drop method does not work for me. While surfing the web, I came to know that Outlook and WLM do not support same file type. Outlook supports PST format whether Windows Live mail is compatible with EML. I don’t know how to convert PST to EML. Can anybody provide me with the solution to export PST as EML? Thank You”

Have you ever been stuck in this kind of situation? Many of you have been through this situation. As we are living in a fast-paced world which is changing every minute, people try to keep up with the latest technology. Moving from one email client to another is just a part of it. The above query fully describes the situation why a user wants to convert PST to EML.If you want to migrate your Outlook emails to Windows Live Mail then this conversion is necessary. Do not worry, even if you do not knowhow to export PST to EML. This blog will completely describe the each and every possible steps and method to convert PST to EML.

Helpful Tip: You can directly migrate PST to EML using Outlook PST to EML converter. The tool saves your time and does not have the complex process.

Benefits of Migrating PST to EML

Not only WLM but many other email clients support EML file. So, if you export PST as EML, you can import your emails and contacts to many other email clients whenever you want. Some of the benefits of converting PST to EML are mentioned below:

1.There are many chances of corruption of PST files. So, it is a good idea to keep a backup of email and contacts to EML, So, that it can be transferred to any other email clients whenever needed.

2. As discussed before, there are many email clients which support EML file format. For example;

  • Thunderbird: Mozilla Thunderbird supports all its data into EML file format. If user converts PST to EML, it can be imported further into Thunderbird.
  • Windows Mail: This email client also stores data in EML file format.
  • Outlook Express: If you convert PST to EML, you can use that PST file into Outlook Express.
  • Live Mail: Import your Outlook PST file to EML, to import it into Live Mail.

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Manual Methods to Transfer PST to EML

There are two manual methods to convert PST to EML: First using OutlookExpress and other is using Thunderbird. Let’s discuss each method separately.

Convert PST to EML using Outlook Express

  • Open your “Outlook” Profile. Click on “File”, then choose the “Open” button.
  • Select “Open Outlook data file”
  • Browse through the location of the PST file and select the file. Select OK to add PST file to your Outlook profile.
  • To import PST file data into Outlook Express, open your Outlook Express account and click on File.
  • Select the Import from the drop down option and then Messages from the submenu.
  • A new Window will open as Outlook Express Import and select Microsoft Outlook from the list of Select an Email program to Import From. Click Next button.
  • Select an option from these i.e. All Folders or Select All Folders.
  • Click Next button to run the import process. After completion, a congratulation message will be received and then click Finish.
  • When all your Outlook data is imported in Outlook Express, convert PST to EML easily by using drag and drop method.

Using Mozilla Thunderbird

  •  Open Mozilla Thunderbird and click Tools -> Import.
  • A new pop-up window will open as Import with 2 options, Import Everything and Select the Material to Import.
  • Choose Import Everything and click Next.
  • Then an Import Wizard displays. Choose here Outlook and click Next.
  • When the Importing process is completed, select all the emails and right click on that to select the Save as an option.
  • And Browse the folder to save EML files that Convert PST files to EML.

Alternative Solution

Users can go for automated solutions to convert PST to EML. SysTools PSTConverter is an ultimate solution to export Outlook PST files to EML.The tool will migrate all the PST emails, contacts, calendars and tasks to the EML and other various formats in no time. This software also has the functionality to transfer corrupt and password protected PST files to EML.


In this blog, we have discussed two manual solutions to convert PST to EML. You can use any of the methods as per your requirement. There is automated solution also available and it is recommended to use tools as they reduce the time and there are no complex method involved while performing the process.</p>

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