Is it a Possible Way to Delete Multiple Events in Outlook Calendar

Calendars in Microsoft Outlook are used to plan gatherings and arrangements, as well as coordinate activities and other tasks. It works alongside Outlook’s emails, contacts, and further capabilities. Calendars are a very useful aspect of MS Outlook. Being users, we understand the importance of this function. The reminder will either sound or send a text message. Different calendars might also be created for different purposes. We can also make a consultation or event by specifying a certain timeframe. Several calendars can be compared and contrasted. However, if you wish to delete multiple events in Outlook calendar or remove the calendar of Outlook.
I’ll show you how to delete a calendar or several calendars from Outlook 2007 onwards. Under which circumstances is it impossible to erase a calendar from Outlook? Last but not least, how to remove conferences, birthdays, vacations, activities, and reservations from a calendar.

How to Delete Multiple Events in Outlook Calendar?

Vacation calendars from previous months could be removed. Several organizational calendars in which you are no longer a member. Additional people’s linked calendars in Outlook may need to be removed. Whether you work in an office or not, you should probably get rid of your birthday calendar. There are a variety of reasons why you might wish to Remove Calendar From Outlook so that you only receive relevant notifications.

Outlook Calendar Removal in 2 Easy Courses of Action

To remove a calendar from Outlook, go through the procedures below:

  • The calendar can be removed from the folder pane by right-clicking on its name.
  • After that, press Yes to indicate that you want to erase the calendar.

Heed: One is incapable of deleting this calendar since it is one’s primary calendar. You won’t be able to remove this calendar if the Delete Calendar choice is greyed out. Furthermore, it is quite easy to conceal. You may, in spite of, delete each activity from your main calendar.

You can Completely Remove all Entries from your Primary Calendar in the following Four Ways:

Note: In order to set standard vacations in Outlook, you have to add vacations to your calendar. This will also remove all of the elements that were added automatically, such as holidays.

  1. Within the Calendar, choose the View preference.
  2. Select the Current View class, after which Change View, whereupon List.
  3. To grab all entries, use Ctrl+A after selecting Item List.
  4. Finally, hit the Delete key.

Suppose You Accidentally Delete Multiple Events in Outlook Calendar.

  • If you’ve accidentally erased a critical calendar in Outlook, users may restore it using a certain Outlook Recovery Tool.
  • Whether you’re wondering “how do I delete shared calendars within Outlook?” or “how do I erase SharePoint within Outlook?” Now is the time to ask. The next part has further information.

To Delete Group Calendars, SharePoint Calendars, and Shared Calendars, by following these procedures:

  1. After clicking on a calendar that users want to remove, users can choose Delete Group and Delete Calendars.
  2. Once Outlook prompts you to “delete the group as well as calendar,” drag the entries to the Deleted Items directory.
    Select Yes.

Note: No alterations have been made to the original calendar. It is only its replica that will be erased. Even so, the Calendar Pane will not display the removed calendar.

Unless the owner decides to re-share the calendar with you, once you unsubscribe from the Outlook calendar you won’t be able to view it again.


Earlier, I demonstrated how to delete multiple events in Outlook Calendar 2007 and the latest versions. In contrast, it is not possible to delete a primary calendar. It may be possible to completely eliminate its contents, but it can also be hidden. When you delete a shared calendar, group, team, or SharePoint, only the replica of the calendar is deleted. So far, only the original calendar is available. The folder pane simply hides it away.

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