Introducing iBand Plus Which Helps You Sleep And Dream

We spend one third of our life span in sleeping and dreaming. Both are vital for optimal and and good for our health of course. Sleeping rejuvenates the body, while dream rejuvenates mind. iBand + improve people’s quality of life by improving sleep and triggering the ability of lucid dreams .

About the Project

Target Group

This device is suitable for all ages who would like to exploit the benefit of sleep and dreams.

Problem and Solution

Over 50-70 million adults in the US and over 1/3rd of adults in Europe have sleep or wakefulness disorders. Secondly, benefits of dreaming have been underutilized.
iBand+ is the EEG brain-sensing and health tracking headband for inducing lucid dreams and improving sleep in a natural way with audio-visual techniques!

How it Works?

iBand helps you sleep easily in a natural way with music and sound which helps calm you mind and trigger your sleep.

iBand Plus review

iBand Plus

It tracks your heartrate ,body movement, sleep cycle and body temperature and it also adjust and volume of music as you fall asleep.Once you asleep the iBand+ turn off the music .It then gently introduced white noise that masks distraction and ensures sound sleep.

Potential applications

  1. improving Focus
  2. Meditation
  3. Smart Home Automation
  4. Sleep Improvement
  5. Lucid Dreaming
  6. Health Tracking
  7. Smart Alarm

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