How to Import MBOX to GoDaddy Webmail with attachments?

A Quick Overview: Are you also searching for a solution to import MBOX to GoDaddy webmail with attachments? If so, then your query ends here. as we have provided some of the best and simple methods to open .mbox file in GoDaddy webmail along with it’s attachments. Learn how to import an .mbox file in a GoDaddy webmail account. 

Your queries like how to import .mbox emails to GoDaddy, how to upload .mbox file to GoDaddy with attachments, or how to open .mbox file in GoDaddy webmail etc. will be answered here . So, keep reading the blog and get your queries resolved at the end of this write-up.

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Let’s know about GoDaddy webmail First

GoDaddy is a well-known web hosting and domain registration company based in the United States. They had around 17 million customers and 71 million domains under construction. Also, they are known for doing the best setups online. GoDaddy Email also known as GoDaddy Webmail allows users to create a professional email address. For example, You may create an email account based on your domain name, access calendar apps, and sync your contacts across mobile devices with the GoDaddy Email essentials package.

Want to Know How to Open MBOX file in GoDaddy Webmail?

There is no direct method to import .mbox emails to GoDaddy because GoDaddy doesn’t provide any option. So now I am going to introduce the best techniques which would be definitely helpful for you to open an .mbox file in GoDaddy email account.

  1. Import MBOX File into Mozilla Thunderbird 
  2. Open .mbox file in GoDaddy email account in Simple Steps

Method 1. How to import MBOX file using Mozilla Thunderbird?

Installing an add-on for Mozilla Thunderbird is required before you can begin the import procedure. You can import MBOX into Thunderbird after installing the ImportExportTools add-on in Thunderbird:

This method involves two steps:

Step 1. Add GoDaddy Webmail account to Mozilla Thunderbird

1. Go to the setup screen of Mozilla thunderbird if you are using it for the first time. Then click on “Email” Option.

import mbox files to thunderbird

2. Enter the following information to add your GoDaddy email account:

Your Name: It can be anything as per your wish, it will appear as sender name when you will send emails

Email Address: Full GoDaddy Workspace email address 

Password: GoDaddy email password

when you enter the above details, then click on “configure manually”.

mbox to godaddy

3. In new window tab, enter the following details to configure GoDaddy email account manually:

upload mbox file to godaddy

open mbox file in godaddy email account

4. click on “Re-Test”.

5. Now, click “Done” and your GoDaddy webmail account is now added successfully to Mozilla Thunderbird.

Step 2. Import .mbox file to GoDaddy webmail  

1. Link your GoDaddy account to thunderbird Desktop client and install ImportExportTools add-on using these following steps. 

add import export tool

2. Right-click on the left-hand pane and select “ImportExportTools”.

upload mbox file to godaddy

3. Choose “Import directly one or more .mbox file” in the new tab and browse through your PC to find the MBOX file.

import mbox to godaddy

4. After choosing, click “open” to choose .mbox file.

upload mbox file to godaddy

5. Drag and drop the imported .mbox file into GoDaddy webmail account. 

Limitations of Manual Method:

Importing MBOX to GoDaddy emails is a common requirement for many users. with the help of manual methods you can upload an .mbox file to GoDaddy but it doesn’t guarantee a complete process.

You should not consider manual methods until you are well known about that particular method. For example, you can import only a single MBOX file at a time, but what if you are required to import multiple .mbox . then data loss and modification in your files may cause problems.

Method 2. How to Open .mbox file in GoDaddy Webmail Directly?

The software is designed by professionals that understand the needs of the users.

To overcome these types of issues, we have come up with a desired software that the users want to import .mbox file into GoDaddy webmail.

Advik MBOX Converter tool is a trustworthy solution to import .mbox  to GoDaddy using IMAP feature. This wizard is capable enough to upload mailbox data or .mbox into cloud based email services like GoDaddy directly with just one stop solution. You can use this software to combine multiple MBOX file into a single .mbox file. This utility will not damage or harm any inbuilt data while uploading a .mbox file to GoDaddy email account.

download click

1. Install and run Advik MBOX Converter wizard in your system.

2. Now, choose your .mbox file or folder having .mbox as this tool provides you both the option.

upload mbox file to godaddy

3. Select your .mbox file from your system.

import mbox files to godaddy webmail

4. Choose “IMAP” as Select saving option from the list.

open mbox file in godaddy webmail

5. Now Enter the following details in the interface:

Email Address: GoDaddy webmail email address

Password: GoDaddy email password

IMAP Host: 

IMAP Port No: 

upload mbox file to godaddy webmail account

6. Tap “Convert” Button to start the uploading process.

mbox to godaddy webmail

Ready!! Depending on the size of your .mbox file, this tool will upload it to the GoDaddy webmail server in a few minutes.


We hope you now understand which method will easily import .mbox file to GoDaddy webmail. Advik MBOX Converter tool is one of the easiest and most trusted tools available today. It gives you fool-proof results no matter how technical you are. You will be easily able to upload .mbox to any cloud based email service like GoDaddy.

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