Why is my Import Export Greyed Out in Outlook? [Solved]

The Import/Export feature in Microsoft Outlook is an essential tool for transferring data between different Outlook profiles, computers, or email services. However, sometimes users may encounter a problem where the Import Export option is greyed out or not accessible in Outlook.

Reasons for Import Export Greyed Out in Outlook

Outlook version compatibility: Sometimes, the Import/Export feature may not be available in the Outlook version being used. For example, certain versions of Outlook may not include this feature, or the feature may be hidden.

Outlook data file permissions: If the Outlook data file permissions are incorrect or corrupted, it may prevent users from importing or exporting data.

Corrupted Outlook profile: A damaged Outlook profile can also cause the Import Export option to be greyed out.

Solutions for Import/Export Greyed Out in Outlook

Updating Outlook

If the issue is caused by a compatibility problem, users can check for updates or install the latest version of Outlook. To do the same you need to follow these simple steps;

Step 1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your Windows computer.

Step 2. Click on the “File” tab in the top left corner of the screen.

Step 3. Click on “Office Account” or “Account” option, depending on your version of Outlook.

Step 4. Click on the “Update Options” button and select “Update Now”.

import export greyed out in outlook

Step 5. Wait for Outlook to check for available updates.

Step 6. If an update is available, click on “Install Updates”.

Step 7. Follow the prompts to download and install the updates.

Step 8. Once the updates have been installed, restart Outlook to complete the update process.

Settings Disabled by Admin

In some cases, the Import/Export feature may be greyed out in Outlook because the settings have been disabled by the administrator. This is usually the case in a corporate environment where the IT department restricts access to certain features in Outlook to maintain security and compliance. When the Import/Export option is disabled by the administrator, users will not be able to access the feature and the option will be greyed out. In this situation, users should contact their IT department or system administrator to request access or assistance with importing or exporting data.

Repairing Outlook profile

import export greyed out 01

Repairing an Outlook profile is a common solution to fix issues related to the Import/Export feature being greyed out in Outlook. When an Outlook profile becomes damaged, it can cause issues with the functionality of the application, including the Import/Export feature. To repair an Outlook profile, users can go to the Control Panel and select the “Mail” option. From there, they can select the “Show Profiles” button and choose the profile that needs to be repaired. Once the profile is selected, users can click on the “Repair” button and follow the prompts to repair the profile. This process can take several minutes to complete and may require a restart of Outlook. After the repair process is complete, users can check if the Import/Export feature is working properly.

How to Export Complete Outlook Data when Import Export greyed Out in Outlook

When the Import Export option is greyed out in Outlook, users can Download and install Professional tools i.e., Advik OST Converter to export emails directly from their Outlook account. With this tool, users can easily export their emails, contacts, calendars, and other data from their Outlook account to a new format including PST format. The software is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge, making it a great solution for users who are not familiar with advanced Outlook settings. Overall, Advik OST Converter is a reliable and efficient tool for exporting emails from Outlook when the Import/Export option is not available.

Steps to Export Emails from Advik Outlook OST Converter

Step 1. Run Advik OST Converter Tool in your System.

Advik OST File Converter

Step 2. Select Convert configured outlook mailbox data and click on the Next button.

import export greyed out in outlook

Step 3. Select mailbox folder that you want to export.

Step 4. Select PST as a saving option from the list.

import export greyed out in outlook

Step 5. Click on the Next button to start the export process.

import export greyed out in outlook



The Import/Export feature is an important function in Microsoft Outlook that allows users to move their data from one location to another. When the Import/Export option is greyed out, users may face difficulties in transferring their data, and it may affect their productivity. However, there are several manual methods to fix this issue, such as updating Outlook, changing data file permissions, or repairing Outlook profiles. In case none of these methods work, users can download and install a Professional tool like Advik OST Converter to export their emails directly from their Outlook account. Advik OST Converter is a reliable and efficient tool that supports various file formats and can easily export all the data from Outlook. So, if you are facing this issue, it is recommended to try the manual methods first, and if they do not work, download and install Advik OST Converter to get your data transferred.

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