Free Ways to Import EML Files to Outlook 2021?

Overview: Are you also want to open & access EML files into Outlook 2021? While you are still getting used to the Outlook 2021 new interface or features as it would be your first and foremost priority. Don’t worry!! In this blog, you will get two different techniques to Import EML files to Outlook 2021 for free.

When you switch from old version to new updated version of an application, you will want to transfer most of your existing email files to new Outlook 2021. Whether you want to take all your data with you or only the essentials, there are quick and simple ways to Import EML files to Outlook 2021.

Depending upon what you are working with, some methods are different from others especially in the cases of email file conversion. As a rule of thumb, it is faster to use any method that uses a robust techniques.

Why do users need to Import EML files to Outlook 2021?

Every user may have their own reasons for importing EML to Outlook 2021, but there are a few common ones.

  • Users are converting file formats due to the disadvantages of EML and the benefits of new Outlook 2021.
  • MS Outlook 2021 has more features and is more cost-effective than email clients that support EML files.
  • When working with EML files, you’ll need an internet connection, but with Outlook PST files, you won’t.
  • Email clients and servers that use the EML file format aren’t particularly sophisticated.
  • File locking in EML, which prevents users from opening files, is a common problem.
  • Being a product of Outlook 2021 isn’t easily available.

As Outlook 2021, doesn’t give any option to Import EML files. So, we will manually try to open EML files in Outlook 2021.

How to Open EML file in Outlook 2021? – Manual Solution

This method is only suitable if EML files are saved separately on the computer and no EML-compatible email client is installed.

You can import an EML file into Outlook this way.

1. On your computer, launch Outlook 2021.

2. Select EML files by navigating to the location where EML files are saved.

Import EML Files to Outlook 2021

3. Drag and drop the selected EML files into the Outlook 2021 application.

You can now import EML files into Outlook.

Note: This method requires proper Outlook application installation and configuration. If you only have a few EML files, this method is inappropriate for importing EML files into Outlook 2021.

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Drawbacks of Manual Solutions:

  • The manual method described above is a lengthy and time-consuming procedure.
  • Furthermore, performing the migration is not always a straightforward process.
  • Apart from that, it necessitates the installation of numerous additional applications, which can be inconvenient for users.

How to Convert EML to PST in a Professional Way?

To overcome all of these limitations, it’s best to use a third-party tool like Advik EML to PST Converter. It’s a program that converts all EML files to PST format with ease. Select data items from an EML file can also be exported to PST format. Furthermore, there are no database size restrictions.

download click

This Converter tool is capable of converting multiple EML files to PST without compromising data integrity. There is no risk of data loss because it exports all emails from EML files into Outlook PST files with their attachment files. It also includes a useful filter for removing duplicate emails from selected folders and saving the resulting PST with identical items.

It enables bulk conversion, which saves time. This tool allows you to save PST files with different file names depending on your needs. It also has a search function that allows you to find what you’re looking for.

Working Steps to Import EML files to Outlook 2021 are as follows;

1. Launch EML to PST Converter in your local system.

read eml file in outlook 2021

2. Click “Select Files” or “Select Folder” to upload EML files to the software window.

open eml file in Outlook 2021

3. This tool starts retrieving mailbox folders of your EML files. Select the required mailbox folders to import into Outlook.

Import EML Files to Outlook 2021

4. Now select “PST” as a saving option from the list of multiple file saving options.

read eml file in outlook 2021

5. Choose your desired destination path to save your resulting data file.

open eml file in Outlook 2021

6. Finally, click the “Convert” button to start the EML file to PST file conversion process.

Import EML Files to Outlook 2021

Wait for a while, you will be notified by the log text report and you can see all your EML files converted to Outlook PST files.

After getting your PST file, you can easily import it to Outlook 2021 using the “Import & Export Wizard”.

Final Words

Hence, we have introduced the two most commonly used methods to import EML files to Outlook 2021. From the above mentioned methods, you are free to choose any of those as per your needs and requirements. However, if you have a large number of EML files, it is recommended to use an automated solution as it completes the whole process in just 4 easy steps. Apart from that, this tool also has no file size limitations. You can upload as many EML files as you like and convert them to an Outlook PST file without any limitations.

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