How to Upload MBOX to Thunderbird Mailbox- A Complete Tactics

Well, are you facing challenges in importing the MBOX files into your Mozilla Thunderbird account? If the answer is damn yes! Then start examining this wonderful weblog and get your challenges in peace. Let’s look forward to the topic of how to upload MBOX to Thunderbird mailbox.

The Mozilla Thunderbird email client is an open-source email service for all users. It is nourished by the Mozilla substratum. We all know all the advantages and the bundle of benefits of utilizing the Thunderbird email service. It also helps out with chatting functionality with your client using the same email service. Sometimes the data users have is in the format of an MBOX file, and users necessity to upload the MBOX file into Thunderbird to view all the mailbox data. Let’s return to the solution part of the weblog.

The Circumstances of Importing MBOX Files to Thunderbird

Somehow, we are showing the scenario which describes the importance of uploading MBOX files.

The free version of Mozilla Thunderbird attracts users to use the Thunderbird email client to view their MBOX files. It is also available for both operating systems: Mac and Windows.

Some users utilize it to save or store the data and access it when they require it.

As the Thunderbird directly opens the MBOX files, users tend to choose the Thunderbird.

Let’s See the Two Different Tactics to Upload MBOX to Thunderbird

  • The import/export tool
  • The automatic tool

Let’s start with the manual method “import-export tool” for user ease.

Using the “Import-export tool” to View the MBOX File in Thunderbird

We need to download the import-export tool in Mozilla Thunderbird to continue.

  • Firstly, download the import-export tool from the add-on option in Thunderbird.
  • Now click on Menu > Tools > Extensions Tab and Gear Icon Tool. Click on Install Add-on from the options.
  • After properly installing the import-export tool, close the Mozilla Thunderbird program and re-launch the application.

Now move forward to the steps to upload the MBOX file.

  • Proceed with the process by launching Thunderbird on your computer.
  • Select Tools from the initial dashboard’s Tools menu.
  • Select ImportExportTools from the dialog box.
  • Then select Import MBOX file from the options given.
  • If one or more MBOX files are imported straightly using the default option on another wizard, pick it. Now press the Ok button.
  • Then, in this precise area, browse MBOX from the local system and hit the open icon.
  • Lastly, the MBOX file is imported into Thunderbird for viewing.

The Restriction of Manual Methods

Well, we are familiar with the manual limitations and drawbacks.

  • Users may find some missing MBOX files in their list.
  • Sometimes it breaks the MBOX file while viewing.
  • Maybe the headers are missing or misplaced with another file.

So looking forward to an automatic solution for an accurate result.

The Best Automation Tool to View MBOX Files

This professional application is highly recommended for doing MBOX to Thunderbird Windows import. One of the finest options is the MBOX to Thunderbird Importer. To save time and effort, users can batch import several MBOX files into Thunderbird. Additionally, this program has no file size restrictions. This solution will provide users with 100% accurate results. It is also a self-contained tool that does not require the installation of any additional software. This software is a cross-tool that allows users to effortlessly upload MBOX to Thunderbird emails as well as other data.

Let’s have a glimpse at how the app works in order to make the process easier. Going more smoothly

Concluding Words

In conclusion, the import/export add-on is a well-designed tool for fewer files or a few MBOX files. However, the automatic tool method is working on the bulk MBOX files to upload MBOX to the Thunderbird mailbox. The challenges users will face after working with the import/export add-on tool are also mentioned in this blog post. Finally, with full 100% accuracy, go with the best tool to upload MBOX to Thunderbird using the MBOX to Thunderbird converter tool.

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