How to Save a Gmail Email as a PDF – A Perfect Solution


In This article, we will describe how to save a Gmail email as a PDF as well as we will discuss the reason to convert Gmail to PDF. Here we explain two types of methods one are to save a single email and the second is to save multiple emails as PDF files.

Gmail is at the top of a list of webmail services. All users use Gmail to communicate from one location to another. It offers a number of options to users and manages their data. The data in Gmail’s mailboxes are all saved in the cloud. However, users may get important emails and wish to convert Gmail emails to PDF in bulk in some circumstances.

It’s unfortunate that there is no direct way to export all Gmail emails to PDF with attachments in Gmail. Single emails can be saved as PDFs in Gmail.  But before we get to the solution, let’s have a look at why people need to save their Gmail in PDF format.

Top Benefits to Export Gmail Emails to PDF

It is a number of benefits to exporting Gmail emails to PDF. Some of the major ones are listed below.

  • You can save emails with attachments.
  • It’s easy to locate an email’s attachments locally.
  • PDF files are more secure – they cannot be altered without leaving traces.
  • When it comes to legal work, emails are admissible.
  • Storage is not a problem.
  • You can easily share individual emails.

Method to Save Gmail as PDF

There are two types of methods to Save a Gmail Email as a PDF. Manual method or Professional method. For the best solution, you can use any of them.

How to Save Gmail to PDF- Manually

In the beginning, Google offered the option to save as Google documents inside Gmail. After some time the Print feature was replaced by a PDF export option.

Step to Export Gmail Emails to PDF File

  • Go to your Gmail account & choose the email to save.

  • Tap on the 3 dot icon of the email window.
  • Click on the print option.

  • Now in the destination option click on the change button.

  • Now choose the save as PDF option.

  • Here tap on the save button.

  • Navigate to the desired destination location for the PDF file.

  • When the file has been saved locally, you may now preview it at the destination location. For security purposes, you can add a password to the PDF file before sharing.

This approach is completely free but it has many limitations that’s why many people do not prefer this method.

Limitations of Manual Method:-

  • It has a chance of data loss.
  • It is a time-consuming process.
  • This method only converts email files, not attachments of emails.
  • Gmail users must open each individual email in order to download attachments.
  • Convert single mail at a time.

So, if you don’t want to go through the trouble of converting Gmail to PST  manually, then the only option is to take the help of automated tools.

Save a Gmail Email as a PDF- Professionally

You can save a Gmail as a PDF with CloudMigration Gmail Backup Tool. This Tool is a great way to convert Gmail email to PDF. You can also back up your data in multiple file formats and transfer it to different email accounts. The application is easy to use, effective, and free of malware. Therefore you can trust this tool. You can run the tool on any version of Windows. Download this free demo version.


As you see, saving Gmail email as PDF is easy and free but there is no solution for bulk conversion so here we described the best solution to convert Gmail top PDF. You can use the professional method to save your time. And take all the benefits from it.


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