How to Repair SQL MDF file via SQL Server Management Studio

Database forms an important part of the application, all the items accessed by user is from the database. SQL is a popular database platform used by individuals and like other applications it is also prone to errors. MDF and NDF are two most important files of SQL and they coordinate among themselves to give output. However, if the database gets corrupt it generally affects the MDF file. So, how we can repair the damage MDF file? Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio can help out to resolve this problem.

Database constitutes of large number of files and objects like tables, indexes, triggers, views, keys, rules, stored procedures and user-defined functions. These files are stored in the form of MDF extension, so if MDF file is corrupt these items are inaccessible. To bring the database to a normal state and to make all items available to user it is necessary to fix SQL MDF file error.

But before proceeding, check the causes of SQL Database corruption

  • Virus attack from unknown sources
  • Closing database during the ongoing process
  • Abrupt power shutdown
  • Running queries on items which are not available in database
  • Storing SQL files in compressed volumes

These are some of the reasons that affect the SQL Database files, so to fix these errors and repair MDF file, use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. If there are minor errors then they can be fixed by DBCC CHECKDB or DBCC DBREPAIR command in Database console. Else try the SQL Database Management Studio.

Repair and Recover SQL MDF File

  • Start the SQL Server Management Studio in your system
  • When the tool opens, click on ‘New Query’ button to open SQL query page

  • Now run the following script in SQL Database
    • EXEC sp_resetstatus [DatabaseName];
  • Here replace the [DatabaseName] with name of your SQL database.

  • Finally, click on the Execute button

This will repair the SQL database and remove it from suspected state. These commands take help of log files to fix SQL errors. But if the database log files are missing then only SQL Database Repair Tool can resolve the problem. This intelligent software recovers the file from corrupt database and restore all the components triggers, views, indexes from database. It repairs the SQL file and save recovered data in CSV/ XLS/ HTML format. Try the SQL recovery tool and fix database errors.

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