How to Recover Deleted CCTV Footage ?

In the interests of security and monitoring, closed-circuit television is deployed. The data stored on CCTV systems must therefore be protected in every way. It is discussed in this article how to restore deleted CCTV footage and how to avoid situations that may result in the deletion of CCTV footage in the future.

if your CCTV footage has been lost or deleted due to unavoidable circumstances, and you wish to recover it. Here you will get amazing and best tips and tricks to recover deleted CCTV footage. And you can use it to examine the recovered CCTV footage before deciding whether to save it.

Why Do We Need CCTV Cameras in Our Everyday Lives?

Monitoring of Public Areas: Surveillance of public areas is one of the most essential and widely used purposes of closed-circuit television cameras.

In business organizations, surveillance cameras are placed in offices to protect assets and provide constant monitoring. CCTV cameras have even been used to substitute security officers in some instances.

Individuals: A large number of homeowners are investing in surveillance cameras to keep their houses safe as well as to keep an eye on their children and pets.

What Causes CCTV Video to be Erased from a DVR?

Here are a few of the most common causes of harm or loss of recorded footage in closed-circuit television systems.

  • The deleting of CCTV footage was unintentional.
  • DVR or hard drive that has failed (logical and physical failure).
  • The DVR has been damaged by fire.
  • Water damage has occurred.
  • Bad sectors on the hard disc drive of the DVR.
  • SD card that has been formatted, CCTV SD card, or DVR that has been corrupted or damaged.
  • Attack by malware or virus on the CCTV hard drive or SD card.

Best and Quick Tips and Tricks to Recover Deleted CCTV Footage

Here we will provide you with one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date guides on How to Recover Deleted CCTV footage. See How to Recover Deleted and Overwritten CCTV Footage for more information. You will find all of the necessary information and information here.

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Is It Possible to Have CCTV Footage Deleted Automatically?

Yes. It is possible to store the footage from a CCTV camera on a local hard disc, a cloud server, or an offsite server. In the majority of circumstances, old data is replaced with new information after a month, as a default. Having insufficient storage space on a CCTV system is another important reason for footage being automatically deleted from a surveillance server. It is recommended that you check your storage space frequently to avoid the automatic deletion of CCTV footage.

CCTV Footage Can Be Recovered How?

We will explore CCTV footage recovery techniques that are successful in restoring the erased CCTV footage in the section below.

Using a Backup, You Can Recover Deleted CCTV Footage

  1. The files on your backup can be accessed by following these straightforward steps:
  2. Locate and open the footage backup folder that was created.
  3. Locate the deleted footage on the DVR’s hard drive or SD card and transfer it back to the disc or SD card where it was originally stored.

Using CMD, You May Recover Deleted Footage from a CCTV System

You can recover Deleted CCTV footage by using the Control Prompt Command (also known as CMD). Take the actions outlined below:

  • Command Prompt should be opened (CMD)
  • Select the Start key. Run. Or Win+X (Windows+X). Select Run to launch it. Press Enter for cmd.
  • Type chkdsk space Drive Letter /f (the /f argument resolves detected disc problems). Wait for the command to finish.
  • Parameterize the functions to rectify problems and restore data.

Hide characteristics (-h)
-r: locates faulty sectors and recovers Read-only data.
/s: Tells the system to look for a path.

Cons of Using the Command Prompt (CMD)

  • Although the Command Prompt does not necessitate the use of any other device to recover the erased CCTV footage, it does have some restrictions.
  • It is not recommended for novice or technically inexperienced users.
  • If the files are tainted with a bug, the chances of regaining the data from CCTV cameras that have been removed decrease.
  • The process of recovering files that have been permanently lost is time-consuming and difficult. Inadequate understanding will result in data corruption or permanent loss if the situation is not addressed.


CCTV, or closed-circuit television, or surveillance cameras, are becoming increasingly common in our daily lives. As a result, it is critical to protect the information stored on CCTV systems. This blog has explored many instances in which CCTV footage can be lost, as well as strategies to recover Deleted CCTV footage. We’ve also talked about several tips that can assist you to prevent causing damage to your surveillance film. When simple do-it-yourself remedies fail to deliver results. then consult with one of India’s leading cyber experts.

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