How to Protect External Hard Disk with Password in 5 Steps

If we talk about data and information our first priority is to protect it from getting leaked. Today we are going to show you How to Protect Your External Hard Disk with Password in just 5 Steps.

Steps to Secure Your Hard Disk using Bit Locker :

Step 1. Connect Your External Hard Disk to your PC and turn it on. Now go to start menu and navigate to Control Panel > Bitlocker Drive Encryption.

Hard disk protection using password

Protect Your External Hard Disk using password

Step 2. Turn Bitlocker On for the Disk/Drive you want to secure.

How to secure external storage

Secure Disk using Password

Step 3. Now click on “ Use a password to unlock the drive” and enter the password in both the fields. And Click on “Next”.

How to seure hard disk using password

Secure External Hard Disk using Password

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Step 4. Now click on “Save to a File” and select any location where you want to save this key file and then click on “Next”.

How to secure disk from getting hacked

Secure your Disk using Password

Step 5. Now click on “Start Encryption” option and wait for the process to complete. It may take more time depending on disk size.

bitlocker password protection

Secure Disk using Password

Finished !! Now the Disk will ask for Password for each time for accessing.



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