How to Play PS3 Games On Your PC or Laptop

This is very simple method to Play PS3 Games on Your PC or Laptop. For Example there are multiple virtual machines in PC which run multiple operating system in the same way there are Play station Emulators which allows to play console games on PC.

There are hundreds of emulators available on various websites. There isn’t such issue in downloading the software but people are having problem in setting that up. So today we will show you how to download and how to run Games in Play station Emulator on PC.

Download and Install Play Station Emulator and Install.

Step 1. To Download the PS3 Emulator Click here.

Step 2. Downloading should be done in few moments as it depends on your internet speed.

Step 3. Open the Step File and Install it .

play PS# games on pc and laptop

Run PS3 games on PC

Download and Run PS3 Games

Step 1. Download Your game form any torrent or if you have the ISO file then its well and good.


You can Download the PS3 Game ISO for free from “All PS3 Games

Step 2. Run the Emulator

How to play ps3 game son pc and laptop

Play PS3 Games on PC

Step 3. In the emulator Go to Open and then Load  and then click on the ISO file of the game and hit Ok. It will load the ISO file.

Step 4. It will read the ISO file with ease and you can start playing the PS3 Games.

That’s it !!

NOTE : “Before selecting ISO file configure the Controls from the Option Menu.

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