How to Join Two Office 365 Accounts? – Get an Ultimate Solution

Are you looking for an appropriate solution to resolve this issue, such as how to join two Office 365 accounts.Believe in yourself, because you come to the right place. Today! In this write-up, we are going to explain the perfect technique to merge or combine two Office 365 accounts.To know, more about this topic simply, go thoroughly to the entire post.”

Microsoft Office 365 is not just an email application. It is a full package of multiple services, which any user need, to pursue their passion and grow their business. Mainly, it facilitates apps like Word, Excel,PowerPoint, Outlook and many more., with appropriate security updates. However, there are numerous users, who want to combine Office 365 accounts of a different tenants. But, they are unable to perceive the proper way for the same. So, here we come up,with an effective approach to get rid of this issue to join two Office 365 accounts quickly. Before proceeding forward, let’s understand this topic more, with the help of some users real-life scenarios.

User’s Queries- 

A year back I subscribed to Office 365 and utilized my regular MS account. Now, I can get Office 365 for free with my previous email account. So, is it possible, that I could merge them, with my university account? Simply, I want to combine two Office 365 accounts.Now, please provide me with a technique for the same. Any suggestions would be kindly appreciated. Thanks a ton.”

Is there any solution that allows two 365 accounts to be merged without having to rebuild email accounts and move files etc. I just want to move the domain mailboxes from one 365 accounts to another.So, now please suggest me an efficient method to join two Office 365 accounts.Thanks.”

 How to Join Two Office 365 Accounts Flawlessly?

In order, to combine two Office 365 accounts, there is no availability of manual solution over the internet. If a user needs to implement the procedure to join Office 365 account of multiple tenants so, here is the prudent utility for the same. This is a professionally examined method named as Office 365 merge tool.Using this amazing tool you can easily join two Office 365 accounts/tenants. Mainly, this tool furnishes an understandable interface, which is a true example of user-friendliness. Users prefer this software across the globe, because of its versatility and perfection. Mainly, this Office 365 merger software facilitates a joining process without putting efforts. Moreover, this merger tool provides the following functionality also. let’s take a look:

  • Merge two Office 365 accounts of same or different domains/tenants
  • Combine all O365 items like emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks
  • Permit to join Office 365 tenants after a merger or acquisition
  • Doesn’t expose or saves the credentials of the user’s Office 365 account
  • Automatically validate the mailboxes to join two Office 365 accounts

You can utilize this amazing tool by visiting our official page –

You Want Manual Method to Join Office 365 Accounts, Wait Take a Look

If you are looking for any free solution to combine two Office 365 accounts. So, please carefully read this segment. Because here,we are going to discuss the constraints which a manual method consisting. Moreover, these disadvantages affect the joining procedure badly. Have a look:

  • The manual method does not provide a direct mailbox transition
  • The free solution is time-consuming and prone to some unknown errors
  • Does not able to filter components which are to be joined in Office 365
  • Involves high technicalities so, a savvy user becomes unable to implement the procedure to join two Office 365 accounts
  • It is a very inefficient procedure
  • To perform the manual process a user reliance on a hybrid exchange server
  • The manual way is leading to a data loss issue
  • A user must have to wipe out a domain from one tenant, before adding it to the another tenant

It’s Time to Verge

This post, emphasize the best technique to resolve, the most commonly asked query such as how to join two Office 365 accounts.Basically, there is no manual solution is available for the same. So,it is highly recommended to opt an alternative method i.e.. Thus, the choice is always yours, you can select any approach as per your ease.But, take the decision wisely.

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