How to Create your own Subtitles For Videos in Mac Free?

Suppose you have an assignment for creating the tutorial of your project. When you have finished shooting your video, you want to make it more interactive, so that viewers can easily understand what you want to say. Adding the subtitles to video will make it easy to understand and give it a better appearance. So, here are the steps by which subtitles can be created and added to videos in Mac. An alternative option is to use professional subtitle maker which we will discuss later.

How to Create SRT file 

  • Open any text editor in your system like Notepad
  • Now, creating a single line requires three parameters the sequence number, time interval and the sentence. We will use these parameters to create video subtitles in Mac
  • Suppose the first sentence appear after 2 seconds and ends at 3rd second then the subtitle will be created as
    • 0
    • 00:00:02:00–>  00:00:03:00
    • Hello, Tim
    • The video will display the word ‘Hello, Tim’ from 2nd to 3rd second
    • Now if the next sentence starts at 05 seconds the subtitle will be created as
    • 1
    • 00:00:05:00–>  00:00:08:00
    • Where are you?
    • Now, continue adding the sentence in this format and then Press Format
  • Select ‘Make Plain Text’ press ‘Save’
  • In the Save As field name the subtitle file and uncheck ‘Hide extension’
  • Add the extension as .SRT and save
  • A pop-up box will appear, click on ‘Use as .srt’
  • Now, the SRT file will be created.
  • Import the SRT file to the media player in which video is playing and subtitles will appear

Best Subtitle Maker 

In this way, you can manually add and create subtitles for the videos in Mac computers. But, it is only useful for short videos for up to 5 to 10 minutes. Long videos will take a large amount of time and it will be hectic too. To reduce the time and embed permanent subtitles in video, you can try the ‘Video Subtitle Maker’. This is a powerful tool that let you add subtitles to MP4, AVI, 3GP, MKV, M4V and many other videos instantly without any delay. Add animation effects on how subtitles appear, change the location of videos on screen and modify fonts, colours all in a single tool and that is even for free. So, try the iOnlysoft Video Watermark Subtitle Creator and add subtitles.

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