How to Backup Gmail Mailbox With Attachments? A Step-by-Step Guide

Here, in this tutorial guide, we are gonna focus on the various possible ways to backup Gmail mailbox data with attachments. Use this guide to counter the possible risk to your Gmail account data.

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Why Backup Gmail Mailboxes?

Google is one of the most reputed and trustworthy companies that offers cloud applications to millions of worldwide users. It provides a good amount of storage space, free email service (Gmail), business suite (G Suite), and much more.

However, being a webmail service make it vulnerable to hackers, crashes, etc. Therefore, below are the common reasons that ensure the backup of Gmail is quite necessary:

  • Malicious activity or error at the user end
  • Google Outages
  • Attack from hackers
  • Offline Access
  • Export leaving employee data
  • Switch to a different email service

How to Make Backup of Gmail Mailbox Using Takeout?

The traditional way of taking backup of Gmail account is by using the default utility (Google Takeout) provided by Google itself. Using this you can take a complete backup of your Gmail account and other applications. This service takes the backup of emails in MBOX format and the rest of the data in universal/default file formats. So, if you just want the backup in MBOX format only, then this is the method for you.

Below are the steps to create an archive of Gmail mailbox:

1. To access the takeout service, first, visit or if have already logged into your Gmail account then, go to “My Accounts” and then from the Personal & Privacy tab, click on Control your content and then click on the Create Archive button. 

2. First, deselect all the selected applications and then click on the checkboxes to make a backup of the selected application. After selecting the “Mails” checkbox, click on “All Mail Data Included” and then select the particular mailbox for backup (if required)

3. In the next step, choose the type of file for backup, file size, and destination

4. Once all the required information is set, click on the Create Archive button to request an archive of selected Gmail mailboxes

Note: The archive creation process can take hours/days to finish (depending upon the data stored in your Gmail account).

5. Once the archive is finished, you will get a mail containing the download archive link. Click on the link to go to the Takeout service page for downloading the backed-up mailboxes

6. There are two types of archives, one containing all the emails in MBOX format and the other containing all the Google applications requested for backup.

The shortcoming of Google Takeout

  • Archive creation time is too long
  • Backup of Gmail emails in MBOX format only
  • Unnecessary hassle to unzip every archive
  • Archive creation can be failed due to a weak internet connection
  • Limited attempt to download an archive, after that request for a new archive again.
  • Every archive download attempt requires a sign-in into a Gmail account.

How to Backup Emails from Gmail Mailbox in PDF File?

The backup of email in PDF format can be done with the help of the PRINT feature in the Gmail application. You can select an email and use the Settings option to print >> save as PDF. This way you can take a backup of each email from the Gmail mailbox in PDF format.

Backup Gmail Mailboxes in Multiple File Formats Easily

If you aren’t satisfied with all the above solutions, due to their limitations, then take the help of a professional solution. There are many  Free Gmail Backup Tool out there, however, only a few of them can execute the backup without any data loss. But, don’t worry, in this section, we are gonna explain to you the best and safest automated tool for backup. You can visit the official website to see more about the tool and read user reviews.

Steps to backup mailboxes from Gmail:

1. Free Download and Open The Tool

2. Enter your Gmail Account ID and Password to login into the tool

Backup Gmail Mailbox Tool

Note: The tool will authenticate with the Gmail account for security verification and ask you to grant temporary access rights to your Gmail account. (The process is completely safe and secure)

3. Once the login is complete, go to the Activation tab to provide the activation code for the full version. Else, skip using the free demo version of the tool

4. From the category section, select the type of items to backup and also select the email format. The tool allows taking backup in PST, PDF, MBOX, MSG, EML, etc.

Backup Gmail Mailbox into Multiple Formats

5. Browse the location where you wish to store the emails and click on the Start button to backup your Gmail mailbox on your system.

Start Gmail Backup

Tips: If you want to take the backup of a particular Gmail mailbox, then use the Apply Filter option to select a particular Gmail folder for backup and also to set a date-range filter for emails.

Why Choose the Automated Tool For Backup?

Although only the demo version of the tool is free, still we recommend using the automated tool because:

  • It takes backup in multiple formats easily
  • No chances of data loss during backup
  • Simple to use and user-friendly layout
  • Folder filter option to the backup particular mailbox with date-range filter
  • No need to wait for archive creation, directly backup emails from the Gmail account
  • Unlimited attempts to backup emails for a lifetime.

Final Words

This tutorial is the step-by-step process to backup Gmail mailbox locally in multiple file formats. Here, we have listed manual methods to make a backup of emails in a popular file format such as MBOX, PDF, etc. Moreover, we have also demonstrated an automated tool that can backup emails from Gmail in multiple file formats. For testing of the demo version, download the tool and backup 100 emails in the desired format with 25 items of other selected categories.

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