How To Hide You Important Files In A Picture Using CMD

What if I tell you that you can hide files in the picture or image? I guess you won’t believe it, but yes you can hide your important files in a picture using CMD.

Everyone wants to make their secret data safe, and for hiding that data you may use software like folder lock. But today in this article we will show you that you don’t need any application to hide your file and for more security you can hide your important data in any of your favorite Photograph. So let’s start.

Steps To Hide Your Important Files In Image.

Step 1. Create a .zip file of your secret data and place it in a folder.

Hide important Files in Picture

Step 2. Copy any picture in which you want to hide that data and paste it in the same folder where you keep your zipped data.

Hide important Files in Picture

Step 3. Press and hold shift button and press the right click and then click on “open command windows here”

Hide Files in Picture

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Step 4. Use this command to create a new file :

copy /b new imageName.jpg

Hide Files in Picture

Step 5. Now your Secret image file has been created to view you zipped file press right click on image> open with > winrar.

Hide Files in Picture

Done! This is how you can hide your important files in picture or image.

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