Google G Suite Vault MBOX Converter – Import G Suite MBOX to Outlook

Alike most of the people, being a frequent user of Google G Suite services, I was unaware of the Vault service offered by Google. It is generally a facility which helps you maintain, export, search your organization’s data with ease and accuracy. The Google Vault gives data in formats like MBOX, PST, CSV.If you wish to export your Google Vault to some other format, you can use some third-party application for the same. I faced the same situation where I wanted to export Google G Suite Vault MBOX to some other file format. After finding many solutions, I decided to stick to the one which was easiest to understand and use. Google G Suite Vault MBOX converter has a layout feasible for both technical and non-technical users.

About Google Vault Service 

Vault is a web-based service by Google. It supports data like email messages, Google groups, files in Google drive, hangout chats along with all its history. It basically helps the user to maintain his data. All the data can be retained, exported or handled. Google Vault can be used for many purposes like;

1. It makes the users preserve their data in order to meet legal obligations.

2. Vault helps to search user’s domain data by using date, keyword, user account.

3. Vault audit reports can help to know about the actions taken by vault users during a specific time.

How to view Google Vault MBOX files?

The users who do not know much about the GoogleVault MBOX files and the method to open it, here are a few simple steps to follow.

1. Firstly, you need to search the files you want to export from your Google Vault. From the list of your search results, click on the option ‘Export results’ to proceed further.

2. As per your requirements, type the name of your exported data.

3. In the next step,  the decision is upon you. You will have two options. If you wish to export your email messages, then choose the MBOX format. But if you want to export some files from your drive, you have an option to decide whether you want to include the access level information for the users who have indirect access to files.

4. At last, click on ‘Start Export’.

Google Vault MBOX to PST Converter- Trusted Solution

After getting the Google Vault MBOX file, users may want to export GoogleVault MBOX to Outlook, or other formats. Manual procedure to migrateGoogle Vault to Office 365, MBOX to Outlook, etc might not be efficient. There are many third-party solutions for this. Google G Suite Vault MBOX Converter is one of the most efficient software solutions for Google Vault migration to Office 365, Outlook and other formats.n just a few simple steps, you can export Google Vault MBOX files without many efforts:

1. Run and install the software on your system.

2. The tool has a Dual Selection mode. Select the files/folders you want to migrate.

3. Now you will see the details of the files you have selected to export.

4. Google Vault MBOX converter gives many saving options. Choose the location path and file format in which you wish to export your files.

5. Click on ‘NEXT’ to start your conversion.

6. After the process is complete, the tool will show a message saying conversion completed.

Features of Google G Suite Vault MBOX Converter

  • The Google MBOX converter creates a backup in many different file formats such as PDF, Outlook, Office 365, PST, EML, RTF etc.
  • The tool has an easy, simple and attractive layout. It is beneficial for regular users as they do not have much knowledge about it.
  • The Google Vault export to PST tool provides a feature of batch migration. In this, there is an option to export batch files to PST. It holds files such as Trash.mbox, Input.mbox, etc.
  • TheGoogle G Suite MBOX converter supports all the versions of Google Outlook.
  • The utility maintains the order of newly exported files. It exports the files in the same order in which they were saved earlier. Google MBOX file converter does not change the structure of files it is converting.
  • Selective migration is possible here. This means if you want to export only selective files, this tool can help you do so.


GoogleG Suite Vault MBOX converter is a must-have tool for those who want to export Google Vault to some other desired format. It is a trusted solution chosen widely. The tool’s uncomplicated layout makes it more likable.  For those who believe in first trying the product and then purchasing it, there is a free DEMO version available. Using this trial version, the user can export up to 25 files in any available formats.

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