Transfer Gmail MBOX to Yahoo Mail – How to Easily Import MBOX to Yahoo Mail.

If you’re fed up with Gmail service, or you’re looking to make a switch from Gmail to Yahoo Mail and want to know how to Transfer your Mail from Gmail to Yahoo mail without Losing any attachment file then you are on right place. In this article we learn how you can easily transfer your mails from Gmail to Yahoo mail.

Gmail has led the field for years, but competitor like Yahoo Mail, have revamped their designs and features in a bid to attract new users. Which offers the best experience?  Here we Found Some of Advantages and Disadvantages of Yahoo Mail.

Advantages of Yahoo Mail.

#1. Clean and Beautiful User Interface

Gmail to yahoo mail


#2. Less Annoying Ads

Gmail to yahoo mail

#3. Provides More Storage than any other mail provider.

gmail to yahoo

import gmail to yahoo mail

#4. Keeps your notes in one place.

Gmail to yahoo mail

#5. Scans emails for viruses.

import gmail to yahoo

gmail to yahoo mails

#6. Has free stationery options.

gmail to yahoo mail

import gmail emails to yahoo mail

In order to Start Transfer mails from Gmail to Yahoo mail we divide the complete process in two parts

Part 1. Generate Mail Backup of Gmail

Part 2. Import Gmail Mbox to Yahoo Mail

Export Gmail MBOX

Follow the steps bellow to export Gmail MBOX;

  1. Visit and enter your Google login credentials.Gmail to yahoo mail
  2. Click on Select None button.Gmail to yahoo mail
  3. Scroll down and enable Mail. This will export your complete mailbox of your Gmail in .mbox file format.Gmail to yahoo mail
  4. Hit Next Button to continue.Gmail to yahoo mail
  5. Select file type, Archive size and delivery method and then click Create Archive button.Gmail to yahoo mail
  6. You are all set, Once Google complete archiving it sends you Download link via mail. This archiving may take several minutes or days depend on your file size.Gmail to yahoo mail
  7. Open your Gmail Account and open email named as “Google Download your data” and click on download archive.Gmail to yahoo mail
  8. Extract your Zip File.

Part 2: Import MBOX to Yahoo mail.

This is the final part where you have to import Gmail MBOX to Yahoo, in order to execute the process you need to depend on third party software. As Yahoo doesnt provide any official method to import MBOX files.

For further import process we suggest you Advik MBOX to Yahoo Import. This software is well designed to import Gmail mbox to Yahoo without any file size limitation. You need not to undertake the mbox import process again and again as the software import MBOX files in bulk.

Steps to Import Gmail to yahoo are as follows.

Click here to download Advik MBOX to Yahoo Import software.

  1. Launch the tool and add your MBOX file.Gmail to yahoo
  2. Enter your Yahoo mail credentials and click Convert.Gmail to yahoo
  3. Finished ! Your Gmail messages will soon transferred to your Yahoo mail account without losing any attachment files.Gmail to yahoo

Please Note : The trial version for MBOX to Yahoo Import will transfer only 25 emails. For unlimited email migration you have to upgrade it to licensed version.

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