Know Hassle-Free Solution to Import VCF to PST

Microsoft outlook is among the most trusted and best solution for all the email users. It provides a list of unique and flexible features that are demanded by any user. The greatest advantage of MS Outlook is that it provides a high level of security plus the user interface is too easy to use. Talking about the vCard files, it is a bit difficult to save and manage the contacts in vCard files. Hence, the users feel the necessity to importVCF to PST.Doing this, a user will be able to open vCard contacts in Outlook and access the files easily.

Reason to Convert VCF File to PST

The reason due to which a user thinks to import VCF to PST File is this conversion process helps a user to view the contact files in offline mode. Also, Outlook is highly secure but, in case of corrupted files, it is advised to keep the backup of contact files and other data components to be on safe side.Another reason to transfer VCF file to PSTis managing and organizing large sized VCF file or multiple VCF files is very difficult. Hence, move multiple VCF to single PST so that it can be handled easily.

Workaround Technique to Switch From VCF to PST

Follow the given set of instructions to import the vCard contact list in the Outlook account:

  1. Open the Microsoft Outlook application on your local system.
  2. Click on the File tab followed by Open and then Import
  3.  By doing this, an Import and Export wizard will get open on the screen. From the various options displayed,select the option. Import a vCard file (.vcf)and click Next
  4.  Browse the location where your VCF files are present.
  5. Choose the vCard files one by one and select the option Open to importvCard file to Outlook.

Drawbacks of the Manual Approach

The manual techniques have some of the limitations which are listed as follows:

  • A user will not able to importVCF to PSTif Outlook is not installed on the local system
  • Inthe manual approach, the VCF files are picked one by one. Hence, it becomes a tedious job in case the number of VCF files is more
  • It requires the technical knowledge regarding Outlook and vCard files
  • This method does not hold good if the size of vCard file is too large.
  • If the VCF file is corrupted, then its data cannot be accessed inOutlook
  • All these problems will be huge if a user is going with the manual method. But, they can be solved very easily if a user goes with the automated solution.

Professional Solution to Export Multiple VCF to PST

To import vCard contact list to MS Outlook, users can go with an alternative solution. This can be done with the help of third-party software like vCard Importer. The user interface of the utility is so simple that even a novice user can use it without any problem. This is the advanced technique which yields the result very effectively in a very short duration of time. Some of the features which make it unique from other technologies are:

  • The software allows transferring multiple VCF files to Outlook PST
  • There are several import options available for conversion process
  • No limitation is imposed by the tool on the size of the VCF file
  • vCard files of different versions is supported by VCFto PST converter
  • Contacts containing many email ID’s and numbers can be imported
  • MSOutlook environment is necessary for the working of this tool

The Bottom Line

vCard files are a bit difficult to handle and organize. Moreover, Outlook offers unique features and it is considered to be a good email client when it is about managing different components. So, it is required by the users to import VCF to PST.The manual workaround has been discussed. But, it possesses some of the limitations which are solved by an automated method. This is one of the best solutions to move vCard to Outlook.

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