Fix Unable to View File ‘This Folder is Empty’ Error in Windows 10

Windows users often enquire of the error message ‘This Folder is Empty’ when a USB or external drive is attached to it. This is a common error users faced, although the drive contains files and media and it also shows the space used but when opened displays ‘Folder is Empty’. In such case first check the external media or USB you are using. Here are some steps to solve error ‘folder shows empty but files are there in Windows 10’

A lot of user posted on forums ‘I am not able to view files copied from pendrive’, other’s say that the PC shows selected drive is empty. The error may occur due to several reasons. The cause of error could be the USB or external drive, the system or settings set for USB ports. Depending upon the reason, one can follow these basic steps to solve ‘Folder is Empty’ Error.

Causes of Empty Folder Error Windows 10

  • The files in external storage media are corrupt
  • The USB Ports of the system are damaged
  • USB Drivers are not fully installed

There could be many other reasons, but some of the steps to be followed are given here

Methods to Solve Error 

Check For Hidden Files and File Extension

  • First Check if the files are not set to be hidden
  • Open Windows explorer and expand the menu below address bar
  • Now check mark ‘hidden items’
  • If any items are marked hidden then they will appear in the folder
  • You can view the files and media in drive

File Extension Disabled

It is also one of the common mistakes while viewing files. Some file with extensions are disabled and windows explorer does not displays it

  • Go to Search and type ‘Folder Options’
  • Now click on the icon display and the dialog box will open
  • Uncheck options for ‘Hide extensions for known file types’ to display them
  • It makes the search easier if the files are in large numbers

Use attrib Command

If your system has antivirus that is setup to scan USB drives as soon as they are attached, then it might remove the virus affected file or hide them to prevent user to click them

  • Connect the USB drive or external storage to system
  • Go to Start type CMD
  • Open command prompt with administrator and enter the following command
  • attrib –h –r –s /s /d D:*.*. Here replace D with drive letter of USB you attached
  • Check the items are displayed or not

These three are simple steps you can follow to view items if system displays ‘This folder is Empty’. However, you can also update the USB drivers or run device troubleshooter to fix the problem.

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