Fix Error Fetching Data From Hard Disk in Windows 10

Windows is the most used operating system across the world. It is easy to use, compatible with the latest software’s and provides best security features. But if certain changes are made to system files it may behave inappropriately or could even cause data loss. No organisation or Individual could afford data loss as important files get lost and directly affect the work. So, In case data is lost from hard disk it can be recovered manually.

Windows uses a systematic approach to store files on hard disk. It uses file formats that make data easily accessible to users and which can be transferred from one system to other in few steps. Microsoft Windows uses FAT and NTFS formats to store the data. FAT (File Allocation Table) and NTFS (New Technology File System) uses sectors to save data on physical hard drive.

Windows Operating system deals with numbers of actions, software commands and program installation. Single problem in any of the program will affect the hard disk. However, NTFS file storage system is capable of repairing minor errors. You can try the automated Window Repair Tool or follow the below given steps.

Features of Windows NTFS File System

  • It is the preferred file storage system as it offers several benefits like
  • It supports the storage of large files
  • You can set the lock on particular files and folders in windows NTFS file system
  • It makes accessibility of files faster
  • If there are any errors in files, then it automatically fixes these errors

NTFS can deal with errors at a smaller scale. Accidental deletion of files, improper shutdown, modifying files in the registry editor, virus attacks, malicious downloaded files could result in hard disk failure. If the hard-disk is corrupted then files also get damage.

When a system is started from unexpected shutdown or power failure and is switched on again, then it may show error message ‘Critical Hard Disk Drive Error’. In such case, it is extremely important to repair hard disk and recover data. Some steps to restore data for free from hard disk failure are given below

Recover Data from Windows Hard Disk

The most common problem is to recover data from bad sectors, check out the steps here

  • Switch ON your system and Click on the Computer icon
  • The window explorer will open with hard disk drive partition
  • Right click on the drive and select properties
  • Click on Tools under Error Checking section, and then click on ‘Check Now’.
  • It will prompt for the administrator password, then enter the same
  • You can select from ‘Automatically Fix File System Errors’ and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors or check both
  • Click on Start to start scan
  • It will look for any errors and will automatically repair them if possible

Disk Cleanup

It is another feature of windows operating system to clean up disk and remove unessential items to prevent from errors and increase disk space

  • Right click on the disk drive and click on General tab
  • Select the Disk Cleanup and then cleanup system files
  • It will look for unnecessary files and delete them

Thus you can recover deleted files with these manual methods. If still unable to get files then use Windows Data Recovery Tool. It is equipped with latest scanning methods which scans the system and efficiently recovers file. You can use Windows Data Recovery software for hard disk failure, data corruption or file repair. Compatible with latest version of windows and easy to use, the tool is best suited for windows data recovery. You can download the Windows Data Recovery Software.

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