How to Extract Email Addresses from Yahoo Mail?

Are you one of those who are searching for a method to extract email addresses from Yahoo Mail to your PC? If so, then go through this article to the end for the exact process. Here we also mentioned the Yahoo backup tool for exporting email addresses from the Yahoo mail account. So let’s start the process.

Why do users need to Extract Email Addresses from Yahoo Mailbox?

Yahoo mail is one of the most widely used popular email service providers in the world. But, recently there was a huge downfall in it’s services due to several breaches and security attacks. Therefore, most users are worried about securing their data before it is lost.

Nowadays, email addresses are widely used for marketing. It’s one of the most useful resources for keeping track of and communicating with the appropriate people. As online is not secure anymore, users want a secure way to save their important emails and contacts. And saving them offline is one of them. To save it in local personal storage is the most secure platform for storing important personal data.

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Methods to Extract Email Addresses from Yahoo Mail

The methods below will show you how to extract email addresses from Yahoo Mail in the most efficient way :

#1.  Make use of Yahoo in-built feature 

In this method, Contacts can be imported from linked accounts or exported as a digital copy that can be sorted by first or last name in Yahoo Mail.

  1. Sign in your Yahoo mail with your login credentials.
  2. Click the Contacts icon on the right side of the yahoo webmail interface.
  3. Tap on the three dots.
  4. click on the export to CSV file.
  5. It will download in your system, open it and see all the email addresses at one place.


Special characters, such as accent marks or dashes, will prevent your Yahoo Contacts from being imported or exported. Use it at your own risk.

#2. A Quick way to Extract email addresses from Yahoo Mail

Advik Yahoo email backup tool is the best recommended solution that provides an option to extract yahoo mail email addresses. with just a single tool, you will be able to migrate yahoo mailbox to several email service providers. As we know, extracting email addresses from yahoo emails to local computers is not an easy task. That’s why we need the best tool for this task.

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However, you can easily extract all email addresses and selected addresses from yahoo mail accounts. The following section will explain the entire process of exporting email addresses using a simple and easy method.

  1. Install and run Yahoo Backup tool.
  2. Enter your Yahoo account credentials to login.
  3. Choose the required folders from the list or you can choose all.
  4. Select Extract Email addresses option in the select saving options.
  5. Choose your desired location to save your extracted email addresses.
  6. Click on the backup button to extract email addresses from yahoo mailbox.


Here’s how you can use a manual solution and a third-party tool to extract email addresses from Yahoo Mail. Either way, you can extract your Yahoo mail addresses, but the difference is that the tool just gives you the list you want. In which you don’t need any further steps to distinguish it from other categories. However, if you choose a manual method, you have to re-categorize them and it will be a tedious process.

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