How to Export OST Files to PST – Manually And With Expert Solutions

This is one of the most asked query that how to export OST files to PST file format. Most of the people who are using Outlook as email application once face the problem to convert OST to PST format. To import OST to PST there can be two simple ways, one is converting OST to PST manually or export OST files to PST with some expert solution like OST to PST Converter. In this article, we have tried to answer ‘how to export OST files to PST’ with both the methods. In past some years Outlook has updated itself in many points and introduced many more features in Outlook OST and PST files. Before understanding how to export OST files to PST one should know the changes brought up in Outlook to understand which method can be the best to convert OST to PST files

MS Outlook OST and PST files

Microsoft Outlook is the personal information manager and also a part of Microsoft Office Suite. But it is mostly used as an email application. It can be used as a complete standalone utility and can also be used with Microsoft Exchange Server for using MS Outlook in an organization. To import OST to PST it is required that MS Outlook is used with Microsoft Exchange Server to set-up an email account. There are various versions of Outlook are introduced with the time, the updated version of MS outlook is 16 which was introduced on 22 sept 2015.

export ost files to pstOST File is an offline folder build by Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange to hold your offline copies of whatever file exists in exchange server. This allows you to work offline or use Cached Exchange Mode when a there is no connection to Exchange computer. OST files make it possible to extract the desired folder from a server location and allow you to work with that file contents even when you are not connected to the network (offline).When you get connected, then all the folders get synchronize itself with exchange server. This process is known as synchronizing folders.

PST files are Personal Storage Table files used to store the data in on the server. Both OST and PST files are located on the local computer. PST files are mainly used to store the information as there are possibilities of corruption in OST files.

How to Convert OST to PST Manually

You can use this method to export OST files to PST format but there are several kinds of risks are included in converting OST to PST manually as well as there are certain limitations with this method. You can use the Archive option to To import OST to PST via manual method follow the steps:

  1. Open Outlook and further open the exchange OST file which you want to convert from OST to PST
  2. Click on File on the top and then to Info and choose the option CleanUp Tools
  3. Further, click on Archive. A dialogue box will appear on the screen
  4. The pop up window will give two options one is ‘Archive all folders according to their Auto-archive setting’ the other one is ‘Archive this folder and all subfolders’ Normally choose the option ‘Archive this folder and all subfolders’ and then select the folders you want to convert from OST to PST.
  5. Now, select the desired location where you want to save them from, the Browse option given in the window
  6.  Click Ok at last to finally start the conversion process.

This was the basic working required to export OST files to PST which will take some time to complete and resulting in new Archive folder from OST files. Now the further conversion will be done in three steps which are as follow:

  1. Import and Export

  2. Drag and Drop

  3. Archive Files

Import and Export – First Step

There are some basic requirements to export OST to PST which should be kept in mind while exporting OST to PST files in Outlook is installed on the local computer and other is it should b connected to Mail Server.

  • Now, Launch MS Outlook to import OST to PST

  • Click on File Menu > Import and Export option > click Export to a File option

  • Now click on ‘Outlook Data File(.pst) > Next

  • At last, select the mailbox folder to export OST files to PST and click Finish

Drag and Drop – Second Step

In this step, there is a need to create new PST files and drag and drop the mails

  • Open MS Outlook, and create a new PST files in Outlook profile

  • After creating new PST drag all the mailbox folders to the newly created PST files

Archive Files – Third Step

  • Click on File > Archives

  • Choose the file and folder to archive

  • Finish

How to Import OST to PST Expert Tool

There are many expert solutions available in the market, expert solution refers to the third-party application like OST to PST Converter – Indya Software. This is one of the best tool suggested by many users. This software is the simplest application to convert OST to PST files. This tool is the perfect answer to ‘how to export OST files to PST’ in an easy manner.

Download the tool given below button:

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