Know How to Export iCloud Contacts to CSV

It happens with many users that the file will consist of all the contacts and the relevant details. Since it is a comma-separated file, it can even be opened in the Excel or numbers of apps in the machine. Sometimes,it is more helpful to export iCloud Contacts to CSV.As CSV file opens in excel sheet, you can see all contacts in an excel sheet. iCloudstores contacts in vCard format. Let us discuss process of vCard Converter to CSV in detail.

Manual Method to Export iCloud Contacts to CSV

To fulfill this conversion, a user has to open the website of iCloud in any browser on the local system and then transfer the iCloud contacts to the vCard file. The vCard file obtained can be converted to the CSV file with the help of any online services.A user needs to go through the following steps to download iCloud contacts to CSV:1. Open the iCloud website and log in to your account2. After you are logged in successfully, various options will be displayed on your screen. Choose the Contacts option from them3. All your iCloud contacts will be opened and loaded on the system. Click on the settings icon located at the bottom left-hand side corner. Doing this will open the Settings menu.4. From the many options displayed, choose the option of Select All5. This will select all the contacts and the upcoming action will be performed on all of them6. Press on the Settings icon once again but, this time select the option export vCard to migrate iCloud contacts to CSV. This will generate the vCard which consist of all the selected contactsThis can be seen in the downloaded folder.Here, you have migrated a vCard file and it is of no use to you. A CSV file is required which contains all the contacts. So, you have to convert this vCard file to a CSV file making the use of the online converter.8. Move on to the vCard to CSV converter page with the help of Web Browser. Do the following things once you reach the desired page to continue the process of save iCloud contacts to CSVvCard file: Select the vCard file that is to be exported from iCloudFormat: Choose the option of CSV from the drop-down menu. From the second push-down menu, select Comma and then select the checkbox Add header line.Encoding: Set the encoding to Unicode (UTF-8)Do not modify other options and select the option Convert9. The file will be converted instantly and saved to your computer

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Limitations of the Manual Method

Some of the drawbacks associated with the manual approach when a user has to export iCloud contacts to CSV are:All the steps are to be performed by the user. Hence, the process is very lengthy and time-consumingIt is a bit difficult for a non-technical person to go for this manual method.Any mistake while transferring the contacts can result in the loss of data.There are chances that you would not be able to find efficient online converter.You have to export iCloud contacts to CSV one-by-one.Hence, to overcome all these drawbacks, users are advised to go with the automated method.

The Alternative Approach: Use Professional Tool

The automated method can be done by going for third-party tools like VCF Viewer Pro. This is the commercial solution to download iCloud contacts to CSV. The utility is capable to open and view multiple VCF files. This software is reliable for performing vCard to CSV migration without any kind of loss. According to the experts, it is the best solution to export iCloud contacts to CSV. The user interface of the tool is so simple that even a novice user can use it without any problem.

The Bottom Line

It is required by many users to switch from iCloud contacts to CSV file. It is because the CSV file can be opened and used in other applications and platforms too. As manual method has several drawbacks that we have covered in the previous section, therefore, another solution is also suggested. It is done with the help of a professional tool to export iCloud contacts to CSV.

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