Export Excel to HTML on Mac – The Ultimate Guide

“Hello Everyone! I created some Excel spreadsheets but, I want to publish them online as a web page. I searched the best solution for that but, did not get any. If there is any solution to open Excel files in the browser, then please suggest me. Thank you.”

Most of the users want to publish their Excel sheet on the browser but, didn’t do because they don’t have an appropriate solution to do so. If your query is the same too, then you came in the right blog. This blog will help you to convert excel spreadsheet to an HTML form with entire formatting. Here, we are explaining to you how to export Excel to the HTML table.

Before starting, let’s discuss an overview of the Excel file and HTML.

What about Excel File

Excel files are used to store workbook or sheet in the row and column form. In Excel, files are saved as .xls, .xlsx, and .xlsm file extension. It is used for calculation, graphical tools and etc. You can create a monthly budget, business expenses and organize large amounts of data and also perform arithmetic operations.

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What is HTML

Nowadays, most of the users work on HTML to create a web page. It is the most used language in the browser. By using HTML, users can attach links to other pages. HTML is easy to use and edit, users, can add images, text, video, etc.

Why You Should Choose HTML Instead of Excel

The reason for selecting HTML over Excel is that users can’t open Excel files in other formats but, HTML pages can be open in any browser. Excel files are store large amounts of data in rows and column forms but, with HTML users can give an interactive way to the table. Users can also attach hyperlinks of another page, images, etc. with data. That’s the reason why users export Excel to HTML.

The Proficient Solution to Import Data From Excel to HTML Table

SysTools Mac Excel Contacts Converter is the professional method to transfer Excel sheets to HTML format. The converter is the reliable software, by which you can save data from Excel to HTML table within a single go. It provides you to export unlimited Excel contacts to HTML with the entire contact fields. By using the utility, users can convert excel spreadsheet to HTML form and open Excel files in the browser with ease.

The software renders you the advanced feature too, few of them mentioned below. Have a look:

1. Bulk conversion: The software exports multiple Mac Excel contacts file to HTML format along with entire fields. Users can export Excel to HTML in batch at once without losing any data.

2.  Auto / Manual mapping: The utility provides to map Excel column with HTML column fields. It will auto map Excel file within a second and users can transfer mapped contacts to HTML.

3. ADD and Export multiple Excel file: The tool renders you to Add multiple files at a time and export all of them into HTML in a single go. It is a time-consuming process.

4.  Converts multiple Excel to multiple formats: It allows you to export XLS / XLSX / XLSM files into several file formats like HTML, PDF, TXT, MSG, and vCard.

5. Compatible with Mac OS: The software is suited with different versions of Mac OS such as Mac OS 10.8, 10.9, 10.10 and above the new version.

Steps to Export Excel to HTML are as follows;

Step 1: Download and Run Mac Excel Contacts Converter.

Step 2: Click Add File(s) option to add multiple XLS / XLSX file, then hit to Open

Step 3: Then, choose the radio button next to the HTML

Step 4: Now, click on the Change button and select the location to save the converted file. Hit OK

Step 5: At last, press the Export button to  convert excel spreadsheet to HTML form

Note: After the conversion, you can view the exported Mac Excel files from the desired location.

Final Pronouncement

After keeping in mind all the features that are given by the Mac excel contacts converter, it would not be wrong to say that the software has an effective and reliable working. So, every user (technical / non-technical) can operate the tool. It becomes easy for users to export Excel to HTML and open Excel files in the browser with all its formatting.

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