How to Divide Lotus Notes Database with the use of NSF Split Tool?

Is your Lotus Notes database damage? Reason for having large NSF files in your system? So, take this problem seriously because it’s a critical situation of having large Lotus Notes database, this may corrupt your complete NSF data. A large size of Lotus Notes database is unorganized and always difficult to manage. It takes lot of time to open the NSF files and heavily injured your whole data. So, now it’s time to save and take care of the NSF database to implement splitting process of NSF files. Now, you definitely think that how to divide Lotus Notes database? Don’t think so much because we have NSF Split Tool which is brilliant solution of your problems. It easily breaks complete NSF database according to size, folder, date and year with the perfect originality of content. In this post, we’ll be talk over briefly about how to split Lotus Notes database with no disturbance. Also, we’ll discuss why you should divide Lotus Notes database. First, we start with Lotus Notes database.

What is Lotus Notes Database?

Lotus Notes is an email client application that delivers business collaboration functions, like email, calendar, contact management, instant messaging, blogging, database management, programming and so on. Lotus Notes application contains all the features that are existing in other email client software like MS Outlook, like other email clients. Lotus Notes also holds a feature to make a file for storage collaborative business information, such as email messages, calendar data, etc. It stores the Lotus Notes database in NSF file format.

With the utilization of this NSF Split Tool you can simply break Lotus Notes database basis on size, date, year and folder. So, here we will discuss the procedure of splitting NSF files by date and similarly you can perform the same procedure by applying size, year and folder option.

Procedure to Divide/Break Lotus Notes Database:.

Step 1- The software gives 4 options to split NSF files. First you can select any one option i.e. date and press Next Button


Step 2- Now, choose a NSF file which you want to split by click on Browse button and select the date to split by date option and browse Destination Path


Step 3- Then, check complete split details that you has selected. Now press Split button.

Step 4- After this step you can see a successful message that Splitting Done Successfully. Click on OK

Avail Free Demo Facility

Try free demo facility of NSF Split software for split 20 items of NSF files by size, date, folder and year. This software is runnable with all Windows editions such as 7, 8, 10, 8.1 etc. without any issue.

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