Learn How to Convert Windows Live Mail to Gmail Directly

Many times, users search for a solution to convert Windows Live Mail to Gmail mailbox.  However, they do not know how to perform data migration from WLM to G Suite. Therefore, we have come up with a complete solution to migrate the data from WLM to Google Apps.

Gmail is the most common link between all of us as due to its popularity, almost each one has more than one Gmail mailbox in their possession. Thankfully, Google Gmail has not had an objection with that, but security measures apply equally, to both when intimate data is tangled. Therefore, many times users need to move their data from Windows Live Mail to Gmail account, which is the cloud, based.

Techniques to Import Mail from Windows Live Mail in Gmail

There are two ways with which one can convert Windows Live Mail to Gmail, G Suite as mentioned:

Method-1: Manual Method

To import all your email from Windows Live Mail into Gmail,

  • Set Gmail as an IMAP account in Windows Live Mail.
  • Go folder having messages you need to copy Google Gmail.
  • Highlight all the messages you need to import.
  • Press Ctrl-A, after choosing one message to highlight all.
  • Holding down the Ctrl key, drag all messages onto the preferred folder in Google Gmail mailbox and drop them.
  • To import the messages you have received into Gmail archive, drop them onto the All Mail folder.
  • For importing messages you have get the Gmail inbox, selected Inbox folder.
  • To make imported messages appeared in Gmail label, pick all folder named.
  • To import the sent mail, target Sent Mail folder.


The process required complete technical knowledge to execute the data migration process. Moreover, it is a time-consuming method to execute the data migration process in an efficient manner.

Method-2: Trouble-Free Method

To overcome all the limitations faced by the above method, there is a software namely BitRecover Windows Live Mail to Gmail converter Wizard. The software is safe and secure to convert the data from Windows Live Mail to Gmail. The application is completely standalone, as it does not require any external application to execute the migration process. The utility comes up with the simple and user-friendly interface to execute the process.  The software is operable on all Windows OS both 32 and 64-bit.

Key Features of Windows Live Mail to Gmail Converter

  • Converts Windows Live Mail to Gmail mailbox directly with data accuracy upheld.
  • Fast yet simple process of migrating Windows Live Mail to Gmail, G Suite, or Google Apps.
  • Easy user-friendly interface of the software for users who have less technical knowledge.
  • Upholds folder structure for all the files as well as folders.
  • Only Gmail credentials are required by the tool for migration.
  • No external application required for migration from WLM to Gmail.

Try it out

Windows Live Mail to Gmail Converter comes up with free of cost demo version that makes easy for users to understand complete working and functionalities of tool. As it is a demo edition therefore, it only migrates 25 WLM emails. If you want to migrate unlimited data then, upgrade to licensed edition of software from official site.

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